Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"Almost" 8 Month Old Christmas Wish List

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When Christmas rolls around Luca will be almost 8 months old. So today on the blog I will be listing "his" wish list. Obviously, he is too little to decide exactly what he wants, so these are the items that I think he would love at his age. Now, this is not everything we will be getting him. Therefore, some of the items listed are to give y'all some ideas for your babes as well. I will also be doing two more of these type of posts next week {Gift Guide for Grandparents & Mama's Wish List}. Hope y'all enjoy!

Side Note: Hit the arrow on the right side of products (in between row 2&3 to see more products-if you’re using a desktop). Also some of things listed Luca already has.. Just FYI!

More Wish List Items that weren't on Shop Style

For his play room!! The coolest kid couch ever. You can move the pieces around however you please.

Removal wallpaper for the playroom 


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