Friday, September 21, 2018

The Best Places to Shop for Baby Boy Clothes... In my Opinion

Okay so before I knew I was having a boy, I always thought girls clothes were way cuter and there wasn't much cute boys clothes out there. I was way WRONG! Because in my opinion, there are so many options for boys clothes it's insane! So I am going to give y'all the top 5 places we shop for little man, and I hope this helps y'all if you are looking for some clothing for your little guy.

1. Carter's

We love Carter's because it's so reasonably priced plus they have huge sales all the time, and great coupons. Luca mainly wears Carter's all day every day. So many places sell Carter's brand clothes, but have gotten a lot of his clothes from the website or the actual Carter's store. Target, Walmart, JcPenneys, and Belk are a few of the stores that carry Carter's. So highly recommend them for your little guy. You can find clothes anywhere from dressy to lounge wear. I have linked a few of our favorites below. One being the outfit Luca has on above that he will be wearing to a wedding coming up. And if you all have seen one of my instagram posts from the last wedding we attended he wore those pants as well.

2. Target (Cat & Jack Brand)

So as I stated above you can also find Carter's at Target but we love the Cat & Jack brand from there as well.I feel like Luca is such a hipster baby when wears this brand haha! The baggy crouch pants I think are so adorable on little boys. They are also a very affordable brand as well. Like the pants he is wearing in the picture above are only $4.99. How awesome right??

3. H&M

Once again, this is another affordable brand. Which you can probably see a trend that we lean towards affordable rather than high end. Because babies grow so fast so I don't see the point in buying expensive clothes. H&M has the cutest Disney clothes as well which I linked some of  oue faves and most likely will be getting some of Luca's clothes for Disney from here. Their jeans and joggers are so stinkin cute!

4. Dillards

Now Dillard's is more on the pricier side, and more of "preppy" baby clothes. Wonderful place to shop for family pictures, weddings, baptisms or if you want to buy your little man more high end clothing. Now I did link some items that they had that are affordable, which is great as some is Ralph Lauren.

5. Old Navy

Lastly, Old Navy has a wide range  of comfy to casual. I feel like my husband likes Old Navy the best because it's exactly what he would wear haha! All the vests I linked below are so precious. And I love all of their PJ's as well as bathing suits (which where we got some of Luca's). I hope this helped y'all. Let me know where y'all like to shop for your little boys.



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