Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Trendy Mama's Wishlist (Affordable Version)

Today I am bringing y'all another beloved Christmas Wishlist. But this time for a Trendy Mama. This wishlist is geared towards those who are looking for affordable gifts for that on trend mama you know! So to all of my family and friends that always constantly ask me what I want for Christmas, and I always respond with I don't know.. Well here y'all go! haha! 

So first let's talk about the amazing boutique that I work for, and where I buy 99.9% of my clothes: Shop Stevie! We have so many affordable clothing items that will keep any mama out there on trend for sure! The picture above I am wearing one of our sherpas which is under $40. Like what? That is such a steal. Other current items linked below that we still currently have available. 

Click here for our new arrivals, and some discounted items! 

So that being said, clothes are a definite must have to keep a mama on trend! DUH! Here are some more amazing clothing items/accessories that are trendy but also affordable. 

Electronics can also make a mama feel trendy as well. So here are few electronics and their accessories that are at an affordable price.

Lastly, miscellaneous items!

+Concert Tickets
+Gift Cards
+Spray Tan
+Mini Vacation {Not the cheapest of gifts, but I think experiences are way better than physical items}


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