Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Best Mickey Mouse Accessory on the Market

Mickey's birthday was this past Sunday (11/18), and he turned 90 years old. Isn't that crazy and awesome at the same time ?!? He is everyone's favorite mouse, and has brought so much joy and happiness over these 90 years. 

That being said, I wanted to talk about Petunia Pickle Bottom's limited edition 90 years Mickey diaper bag today on the blog. We have been using the Mickey and Minnie diaper bag that they have ever since Luca was born. And y'all I love that diaper bag so so much. Then when I saw they were coming out with this limited edition for Mickey's 90th birthday, I had to get my hands on it. Luckily, I was able to do just that thanks to Petunia, and I also was able to capture the backpacks beauty at Walt Disney World. I thought it was only fitting to also take the picture of both bags in front of the Walt and Mickey statue at Magic Kingdom. 


The bag on the left (from the picture on the left) was the one I was talking about that we have been using since Luca was born. It is their Axis backpack, and has a insulated compartment in that bigger lower half section. Which is so cool in my opinion because that means it has a built in lunch box. 

The bag on the right (from the picture on the left) is the limited edition 90 years Mickey bag, and it is their Boxy backpack. Both are amazing in many different ways, but today I am only going to go into detail about the Boxy backpack. If y'all have visited my Instagram page, then you know I did a detailed review of the bag on Insta story. So if you are wanting to see everything about the bag in video form, head over there after you read my blog post of course :) The review will be featured in my highlight section.

Top 5 Reasons the Limited Edition 
Mickey Mouse Backpack 
is the best Mickey Mouse accessory 
on the Market  

1. The diaper bag features every look Mickey Mouse has every had. 

From wizard Mickey to original Mickey and even Steamboat Willie Mickey. But of course they couldn't leave out "current" Mickey, which is how he looks now. The different types of Mickey are featured not only on the front of the bag, but also on the inside as well. Every inch of the inside has the different types of Mickey featured, as well as the changing pad. 

2. You can be well organized with this accessory.

 There are so many different parts all throughout this bag. Allowing for you to stay organized at all times. There are two pockets, one on each side of bag, that you can fit a bottle or whatever you please of course in them. As well as a pocket in the back that can fit more miscellaneous items in. Now for the inside, there is a front pocket where the changing pad velcros to, and still has room for more items which is awesome. I would suggest keeping diapers and wipes in it so the changing pad, diapers, and wipes are all together. Now, you do not have to use this bag as a diaper bag. You can totally just carry it as a regular backpack as well. Just remove the changing pad, and you are good to go. Highly suggest since you can fit way more in it then a fanny pack or a small cross body bag {Which is what a lot of people carry at Disney}. In the main zipper pocket on the inside, there are about six separate pockets and one main pocket which will allow you stayed organized for sure. So you don't have to throw everything in one main area, and then it takes forever to find anything.

3.  The bag is multi functional 

Not only can you carry the bag as backpack, you can also carry it as a cross body, whichever you prefer. How cool right? And like I said above, you don't have to use the bag as a diaper bag. The bag can be used to carry your items in and around the parks or even use it as a school backpack. The bag is a lot bigger in person than what you can tell in the pictures. Meaning, your school supplies could definitely fit in the backpack.

One other cool feature is that it has a snap closure which allows for it be functional for a busy mom, or an individual on the go. I mean for us mamas out there, how difficult can it be to zip your bag back up while holding your baby? Very difficult at times. So the snap closure significantly helps with that for sure.

4. Built in Changing Station

Now, as I stated above, one of the pockets on the inside has a place where the changing pad velcros to. Well there is a reason for it being velcroed to the inside. Not just to keep it in place so you can easily find it, but because it is essentially a built in changing station. Like what? How awesome. 

So if you are anywhere, and not near a changing table (or you don't want to use one)... No problem unzip your bag, and you have changing table right there with you. 

5. Stroller Straps 

The bag has stroller straps that will allow for you to connect to your stroller, and not have to carry it the whole time. Or putting it under the stroller which takes up more space that you may need for something else. 

Bonus Mickey Accessory

Okay, so as you can probably tell I love Petunia Pickle Bottom's bags so much, especially the Disney ones. Well, as a bonus feature, PPB also has a Mickey stroller clip which is the cutest thing I have ever seen. So if you don't have one of their bags that feature a built in stroller strap, you can purchase one of their stroller clips to save room as well. It's pretty dang big and sturdy too, so you know it will be able to hold a stuffed to the brim diaper bag haha!

To purchase any of  PPB's items that were listed in this blog post please click the links below. Highly recommend to add them to a registry as well. Perfect baby shower gift. 

xoxo Megan & Luca ;)

Also stay tuned for my next blog post "How to Travel to Disney World on a Budget"

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