Monday, October 7, 2019

Dress for Less: Complete Outfit under $100//American Eagle

This is the second “episode” ,if you will, of my new blog series:  Dress for Less. I happened to walk into American Eagle this past weekend, and just had to try on some outfits for y’all. They are currently having 25% sale going on using code: FALLNEW. The last day to use the code is today, 10/7/19. Without the code one outfit went over $100, but with the code it is well under the price point. Unfortunately, with Americans Eagle they did not have really any shoes to choose from in the store. There are a bunch online, but unfortunately not in the price range. Therefore, this episode is just showing an outfit without shoes. So ladies, go in your closet and find a pair of booties, and they will look so good with any of these outfits I am about to show you. :)





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