Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Perfect Gift for the Busy Mom & Baby

Where do I even begin with this perfect gift? For starters, let me tell you about where the gift comes from. Parasol is the company that has the perfect gift for a busy mom and baby. They offer products such as diapers, premium wipes, and femme care. Their products are free of heavy metals, irritation free, free of harmful materials, world class standard of quality, chemical-free, sourced from responsible-managed forests, and reduces environmental impact. 

The company is a subscription service that can either be implemented through their website or Amazon. By a busy mom partaking in a subscription service, this will allow her to not have to worry to go out to a store to get more diapers or wipes. Rather it will be delivered to her doorstep every month. Also she can do that for her feminine care as well.  

With the diapers, depending on what size the baby wears determines how many diapers are sent each month. For example: Size 1 diapers will have 216 diapers in the box. They also factor in approximately how many diapers you would use a day, and that is how they came up with the 216 amount. On the website it is stated you will approximately use 7 diapers a day with a baby wearing size 1 diapers. This amount will last you 4-5 weeks depending on how many you use a day. 

Keep in mind, the Parasol diapers do run on the bigger side, so if your baby meets the weight range of a size, they suggest choosing one size lower for a better fit. For Luca, he wears a size 3 in diapers and that is what I ordered from Parasol. I can definitely tell they are bigger on him though, but even though they are bigger they do the job very well. 

The diapers are great because they have an 8 layer design that helps prevent diaper rashes and blowouts. It also allows for the baby to feel fresh and dry at all times. Another plus is that the diapers are seriously the softest diaper you will ever feel in your life. My mother in law mentioned the other day she almost thought it was a cloth diaper because of how soft the diaper was that she felt. 

In addition, there are always two designs in each pack. On their website they have the "Limitless Sky" prints available. One is a hawaiin leaf type print and the other has birds on it.

Now, on Amazon they have more designs available you can choose from. Click the links to go to the specific design. 

They also offer what they call "diaper pants" which is their version of a pull up. Their diaper pants come in sizes 3-4, 4-5, and 5-7. The supply on those are to last three weeks, just FYI. 

Click here to check them out. 

Parasol offers premium wipes and travel wipes depending on what you are looking for in your monthly subscription. Their wipes are strong but gentle. No chemicals, alcohol, fragrance, or  dyes are in them. For their premium wipes there are 600 ct per subscription and 800 ct in travel wipes subscription.

Femme Care

For femme care, they offer wipes and pads that you can choose for your subscription service. The pads are made with postpartum moms in mind. They are super absorbent and soft as well. In the femme pad subscription box you would get 72 panty liners, 60 regular pads, 40 overnight pads, 50 femme wipes. 

Essential Kit

Now for those of you who don't want to spend the money quite yet before trying out all the products first, the essential kit is perfect for you and baby. It is only $14 and you will get 14-20 diapers for baby, a pack of premium wipes, travel wipes, 2 overnight pads, 2 regular pads, and femme wipes for you to test out. Another great thing about Parasol is that they offer free shipping on every order no matter the minimum. So you will get free shipping on the essential kit as well. The kit is a one-time trial and there is a limit of one purchase per customer.

The Season of Gifting

Parasol has a wonderful incentive on their website that you can partake in. They have a gifting incentive which is so nice. You gift someone something off their website, then they will gift you something in return. Specifically, if you gift someone their referral gift (two diapers, femme wipes, and pads), you will get $20 credit towards your monthly subscription box. (No credit card required to redeem referral git) Click here to gift someone a referral gift. *Must be a subscriber 

All in all, Parasol offers so many amazing products that will keep a busy mama and baby so so happy. We have loved Parasol diapers since Luca was a newborn. We have never had a leak and he always feels dry at all times. Not only that, I don't have to worry about the diapers or wipes harming his skin which is so nice. 

Check out their website or on Amazon, y'all won't be disappointed I promise. And like I said above, you can always buy the $14 essential kit first to see if you fall in love with them first before committing to the bigger subscription boxes. But I promise y'all will ;)



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