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These are all legit ways that I have made money from home, 
and has allowed me to stay at home with my son. 

**Most of the links listed in this post do not benefit me in any way besides the Heartbeat and Stevie Style link.. If you use my link to download the app, I highly appreciate it. 

1. Upwork

This is how I have found both of my work from home jobs. {My first work from home job was back in 2015-2016, and my current job that I have now}.

Upwork is where you can create a profile with your work experience, and then search work from home jobs through their website. 

To create your profile you create a username/password, contact info/timezone, tax information, and bank information. Once you have found a job, the company pays you through Upwork. It will be direct deposited into your account. 

Now keep in mind if you create a profile with Upwork, you are a freelancer, meaning you have to pay your own taxes. They also takes fees out of your hourly pay. But you can submit your proposal of pay to the job you are applying for and then it will tell you want you actually will get paid (after fees) before actually submitting the proposal. For example: If you want to make $15 am hour propose $18.

How Upwork works is simple. You use the search jobs bar on website and literally can search in type of job you would like to do working from home. A huge list typically pops up, and the job will have a description of what it entails. You then will decide if you want to send in a proposal. (Majority of the job listings does not say what the company is.. only what the company does, and what the position you are applying for does essentially). If you have the freelancer basic (Which is what I have), you will have 64 connects a month. Each job listed will say how many connects you would have to use to apply. All jobs (at least all the ones I have seen..which is a lot) use 2 connects, meaning you can apply for 32 jobs a month. And to apply to the job listings are so simple. They usually ask you why you are the perfect fit for the job, if you have experience, you attach your resume, then decide what pay you would want, and hit submit proposal. So simple! 

Tips: I would only submit proposals to the jobs that have verified pay. It will show up for each job listing if the pay is verified or not. Also if the description is very vague about what you will be doing I wouldn't waste your time applying. Because most likely it isn't a real company or not a very good job. 

My current job is part time. So can choose if you are looking for part time or full time as well. 

Instacart is a grocery delivery service where people order their groceries online from their participating grocery store, and then you shop and deliver their groceries. Easy enough right?!?

I worked for Instacart only for a short time just because it didn't work with my availability with a newborn. My first day on the job, I took my son and my husband with me and it was very stressful. So the next time I did not take them, and it was a lot more enjoyable. The reason it was so stressful the first day is because you have a certain time to shop for the groceries and then deliver it to the customer. So I had no time to tend to my newborn's needs. 

But then every time there were high volume of groceries being ordered, I was unable to go do them because of my newborn. 

So if you are a college student, or somebody that has more open availability, this job is great for you. You do have to have a car for transportation, making this job not 100% work from home, but you don't have to report anywhere (besides an app). 

The application you use is where you will start your shift, and it will calculate your hours. Available grocery deliveries will be alerted to you through the app as well. You can accept or deny them. But I believe you can only deny a certain amount each shift. 

With this job, you can make your own hours and just wait at home until you are alerted of a new order. 

Your pay is also direct deposited into your account as well. Pay is typically between $15-$20 an hour. I averaged $18 an hour. 

Tips: If you are worried about your safety... 1. Once you know the address give it to someone you trust just in case. 2. Only accept deliveries in areas that you know 3. Only accept deliveries in daylight. 4. You can always take someone with you. 

Side note: Instacart gives you a debit card where the customer's order amount will be pre loaded before you check out. 

3. Facebook Marketplace

Some people reading this is thinking, WELL DUH! Or some people may not know about this feature on Facebook at all. But Facebook Marketplace is a great way to make money relatively quick. You can sell nearly anything on there, and it will post to your local area for people to see through Facebook Marketplace. 

If you want to make really good money doing this, I would recommend going through and seeing what sells really quick. That can allow you to know what you have will or will not sell. I have sold clothes, my son's bassinet, doors, Rae Dunn mugs, furniture, and a bunch of other things through the marketplace thus far. So as you can see, you can literally sell a wide variety of items on the marketplace. 

The great thing as the marketplace, compared to a consignment store or yard sale, is that you can make a good amount on what you are selling. When you sell your clothes through a consignment store, they will give you only a small price for a lot of items. I took one trash bag full of clothes to a consignment store one time, and they only wanted to give me $20 for it all. As selling it on marketplace, you can make at least $5 per item (but even more depending on the brand). I sold a higher end maxi dress the other day on marketplace for $30. Which compared to selling it in a yard sale, I would have never made nearly that much. Everyone at yard sales go on the hunt for the lowest prices possible. 

Heartbeat is the largest network of women on Earth who get paid to talk about stuff through Instagram and Snapchat. Apply, share, engage with brands you love, and get paid! Heartbeat is perfect for those who are trying to make money through social media. Now pay close attention to their campaigns, some will only be free items, and some will be free items + pay. Once you create an account and get approved to be apart of Heartbeat, it will automatically calculate your pay for you. It all depends on your following count and engagement. 

I have landed three campaigns thus far through Heartbeat! (as seen below)

Click here to join! 

5. Affiliate Programs (listed are my two favorites)

Lastly, Amazon Associates affiliate program is a great and super easy way to make some extra from home. Once signing up for Amazon Associates, you can literally search any item and will receive a specific link to share with others. If someone purchases the items from your link, then you will receive a small percentage of the sale. Easy peasy right? 

Everyone uses Amazon, so this is a great way to reach out to people, and just let them know you are now an Amazon Associate. Let them know that when they are wanting to purchase something through Amazon to contact you. You can be their personal Amazon shopper. You will search for their items, and send them the links for each item. 

Bloggers use Amazon Associates when they are linking items through their blogs. Which is great because everything will be linked in one post. But as I was saying above, you can use the other method as well (being a personal shopper). You do not have to be a blogger to become an Amazon Associate

Stevie Style is through the online boutique Shop Stevie. They carry women's, children's, and now men's clothing. Any and everybody can sign up to be affiliated with Stevie Style! You will instantly start receiving 40% off for yourself, and you can make 25% commission if someone shops through affiliate website link. How great right? Wear super cute clothes...MAKE MONEY!!!

I do work with this boutique, and have made quite a bit of money through the boutique. Stevie Henderson stated in one of her recent Instagram stories that some girls have been able to quit their regular jobs by doing this program. How cool right?!?

Click here to find out more and join.

**You do have to pay $12.99 a month with this program. But if you sale ONE item, your monthly payment will be paid for.  


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