Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What Makes My Heart Go Round!


So I had y'all send in some questions through Instagram to do a Q&A this week. I thought it would be fun to answer some of y'all's questions. And hopefully it will help y'all get to know what makes my heart go round a little more. 

1. What inspires you the most?

This question if you asked me years ago, I honestly would have no idea and just respond with I don't know. But now, I honestly believe that my son inspires me the most. He is the main reason I work so hard, so I can provide him the best life possible (as his daddy works even harder for us). I look at him, and think wow... any doubts I have ever had are pointless now. My whole life I have always wanted to be a mommy, and now that I am.. My life just feels so complete. Like I have a purpose now, and all the missing puzzle pieces are all in place. 

Luca inspired me to start this blog in first place. Because now I feel like I have endless topics and subjects to talk about, and share with y'all. 

Even though he is still a little guy, just his sweet heart inspires me to be a better person, mommy to him, and wife to his daddy. 

2. What got you into blogging?

This relates to the first question's answer which was Luca. I have always wanted to blog. I even created a blog years ago but only did one blog post. And never did anything else with it after that. I figured my life is boring and no one wants to read what I have to say. But after Luca was born, I just told myself to go for it. Being a mommy blogger, I can talk about mommy and baby things which is my life all day everyday. 

Side note: I had no idea when I started blogging what it will all bring to me. I have met so many wonderful ladies through the blogging community. And they are all so sweet, which is so nice. I have even connected with girls in my area where I live that I did not know before this. How cool right?!?

3. How many kiddos do you want?

Well I asked y'all again after I got so many of these to guess... how many kids I want.. And well all of y'all guessed correctly.. Like what?!? Maybe I have talked about it before, or y'all are just really good at guesses. But I want 4 kids! Yes I still wanted 3 more. Even after how horrible my pregnancy was... I want lots of babies. The only thing holding us back at the moment is that we want to make sure we are financially able to provide for more babies. I would love to have our kiddos close in age though. My brother and I are five years apart, so I would rather my kiddos to be able to 1.5-3 years apart.  

4. Fave skincare product?

I got to be honest y'all. I don't wash my face or use lotion on it. I know I probably should, but don't. Just trying to be real. But please suggest your favorites below or on Instagram.

5. What makes you feel most confident?

Being a mom. Honestly this may be my answer to everything. But it's so true. My confidence has sky rocketed ever since becoming a mom. My body did something incredible, and created/carried a life.. And so even though it still isn't exactly where I want it, I still feel so confident. I have stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs but I see them as beautiful.

Also wearing clothing that fits my new mom bod well. And for all of you mamas out there, I would highly suggest Shop Stevie. I am a brand rep for them, but seriously the only place I have found where every single clothing item fits my body well. I am not super skinny so sometimes it is hard to find clothing that covers my mama pooch. And Shop Stevie does a very good at hiding it, and making me look smaller than I actually am. 

Click here to follow my link and check out our super cute clothing items. We carry women's, kids/babies, and will be carrying men's this thursday!! AHHHHH! 

6. What advice would you give yourself as teen?

My advice would be to spend more time with your family and friends. Rather than being wrapped up in a boy that didn't really care about you. 

7. How do you find instagrammable places in your city?

There are actually so many wonderful places to take pictures in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have honestly just drive around, and stumble upon the Instagram worthy places. 

But of course using hashtags or location on Instagram can help you find Instagrammable places. That is what I use when I go to an area/city I am visiting and unfamiliar with. You can never go wrong with coffee shops, white brick walls, beautiful scenery, and mural walls. I am thinking about doing a blog post on Instagram Worthy Spots in Knoxville.. Let me know if y'all would love to see that. And I will be obviously doing ones that others haven't talked about.

8. What's the best advice you have ever been given? 

To do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy. This is so true because we as individuals are the only ones who can decide on our true happiness. And most of use try our hardest to please others, and highly care what they think . I still do this, but I have gotten much better than I was in high school. 

9. Favorite Bible Verse 

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you and a future. Jeremiah 29:11. We actually have this verse above our couch in our home. I bought them when I first diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I figured it is a bible verse that I could lean on, as I left it in God's hands. He had a plan for me, and I had to trust in him. 

Even though we had to have medications to intervene to help me get pregnant, God still had a plan. And his plan was truly beautiful. We had our miracle baby Luca. He is the greatest gift we have ever received. 

10. How did you get involved with the #imworthyproject?

 I got involved/designed the project by initially when my best friend and her ex broke up. I wanted to make her feel beautiful and confident again. So I texted her that I want to get her hair and make up done, and then have her pictures taken by a professional photographer. I told her I would call it a "happiness photoshoot" since the goal was to help her feel beautiful and confident again. I prayed about it, and then the thought hit me that I could help so many more women out there, and we can actually share our stories about being in toxic relationships as well. This would allow for even more women and men for that matter feel worthy again. 

11. How old is your little? So cute!

Thank you so much. He is seriously is the cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on, and I honestly still can't fathom that my husband and I created him. Luca is 5 months old. 

12. What's your favorite thing about being a boy mom?

My little guy is still really young, so I don't feel like I have gotten the full "boy mom" experience. haha! But so far I love how he is a mama's boy, and his personality. He is so fun, can't sit still, and goofy. I love that one day him and I can share an obsession with dinosaurs. Or at least I hope so haha! He also loves fart noises and dinosaur rawrs... I can't wait to see him continue to bond with my husband ( I know this doesn't have to do with a mom) and watch them play catch together. Just so many things to look forward to being a boy mom. But hey that's being a mom in general, so many exciting things to come. 


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