Saturday, June 16, 2018

My experience being pregnant with our first child

Being pregnant with Luca
was one I will never forget.

For one, 
being pregnant with him 
was such a blessing in itself
since it took us a little while to conceive him. 

For two, 
it was rough for majority of the pregnancy.
I know they say every pregnancy is different,
so we will see if the next one will be any easier.
{which will not be any time soon-my body and 
mind need a break from it}

I honestly have no idea where to begin with my
experience with my first pregnancy. 
Or even what all to talk about.
But I guess the easiest way 
would be to start from the beginning right?? haha!

I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks 6 days.
At that point, I wasn't having any symptoms
so I honestly had no idea I was pregnant. 
Mind you, the test was negative a couple days 
before. Like what in the world??

So we left for our anniversary trip to Ireland that evening, 
but we first had to drive about 4 hours to Ohio
to fly out of the airport in Cincinnati.
We stayed the night with my friend Cameron that night,
and flew out the next day.
I remember Cameron asking me how I was feeling when we got there, 
and I said I feel great not sick at all.

Well I spoke too soon,
literally the next day the morning sickness started. 
Ugh! It was horrible especially since we had a long flight
ahead of us. I could barely eat anything at panera. 
And if you know me, you know I love Panera.
So that was a definite factor I was pregnant. lol!

Anyway, throughout our whole Ireland trip 
I was constantly nauseous and felt like I had to throw up all 
the time, and could barely eat anything without
being grossed out. Everything sounded yucky.

And I thought I had the worst of it then. 
At 6 weeks pregnant, my morning sickness turned into all day sickness.
I was constantly feeling like I was going to pass out,
throw up, headaches, getting hot flashes, etc. 
My first doctor's appointment wasn't even until 8 weeks pregnant, 
but I had to do something to help with this sickness 
because I honestly couldn't last two more weeks dealing with
it. Plus I was keeping it a secret until my first doctor's appointment
from my work, and social media. 

So I called my doctor's office, and luckily they went ahead
and prescribed me diclegis. 
Even though it didn't get rid of my sickness completely,
it helped get me through the day
I was mainly just sick in the morning, occasionally during the day,
and at night. 
But lordy, when I ran out of the medicine,
I was so sick again. 

The sickness lasted until 16 weeks. 
I started feeling better at 12 weeks, 
but it wasn't completely gone until 16 weeks though.

On top of all day sickness,
I was constantly getting UTIs.
The last time I had a UTI before pregnancy,
was when I was 3 years old or something like that.
My doctor told me it was common, since it is hard for a pregnant
woman to completely empty her bladder, and being pregnant just makes you more prone
to sickness. 
I got one really bad UTI where I had excruciating back pain.
I could barely walk, and was on the verge of tears at work everyday. 

That being said, I was pregnant during the really bad stomach bugs 
that were going around.
So I got the stomach bug three times while pregnant. 
At around 14 weeks, 20 weeks, & 27 weeks.

The second and the third time,
I had to go to triage and get fluids
because I was so dehydrated from throwing up so much.
The third time I was actually having contractions.
I told my husband when he got home from work
that something didn't feel right at all.
So when they told me I was having contractions
I got quite scared. But they were able to give me
a shot to stop my contractions. 
Thank goodness! But it did make my whole
body shake for awhile. 

Once I was in my third trimester,
everything was normal and was actually the best 
time of my pregnancy. 
At least for a while haha!!

Around 34 weeks I believe,
baby boy decided to drop.
And he was really low. OUCH!
So uncomfortable to walk around. 
It honestly felt like he was going to fall out.

So near the end of my pregnancy,
I believe at 35 weeks pregnant, I started feeling like I 
was in a fog, and very abnormal. 
Also started feeling contractions. 
So I thought this was it, or something is wrong and I need
to go to triage to get checked out.
{third time to triage at this point}
So they checked me for preeclampsia since I had high blood pressure.
It came back negative thanks goodness.
But they wanted to keep a close eye on my blood pressure
since my blood pressure was normal this whole pregnancy.
My doctor came to a conclusion that the reason I wasn't 
feeling good was due to high blood pressure,
and having another UTI.

So from then on out, I had to go to the doctor twice a week until
it was time to deliver.
My doctor wanted to make sure Luca was ok, as well as myself.
So I would do a regular check up followed by a stress test
to monitor myself and Luca. 
Later in the week, I would get an ultrasound done, and BP check.
Since my blood pressure wasn't going down,
at my 36 week appointment, my doctor made the decision
that it was best to get induced at 37 weeks. 

I honestly enjoyed my induction, and had no problems with it
Which I am so thankful for since I think my pregnancy was the hard part. 
But even though my pregnancy wasn't that joyous,
I did enjoy feeling him constantly move around, 
and kick me constantly. 
Little man never quit moving, which is actually how he is 
now on the outside too haha!

I loved rubbing my belly, and being able to wear super cute
pregnancy clothes and show off my bump.

Even though I didn't enjoy being pregnant really, it was 
all worth it because I have my sweet miracle here with me now.
Forever blessed! 


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