Friday, October 4, 2019

Dress for Less: Complete outfit under $100// Target

Have ever been on a budget or currently trying to stay on a budget? Raise your hand if you are like me, and always want to be conscious of what you are spending your money on. Well if any of those apply to you... you have came to right spot. This series is brand new on blog, and I will be taking y’all to different stores showing how you can dress for less under a certain amount. Now each week the amount may be different, so follow me on my Instagram page to vote weekly as to what amount y’all want me to find a complete outfit for to show y’all. Last week I asked y’all how much you typically spend on a complete outfit, and most of y’all choose $100 with $75 coming in second. So here we are with find a complete outfit for under $100 at Target.

I have found 5 complete outfits at Target, and I will link every piece that is pictured below the picture. Where should I go next week? I’m thinking Walmart? But let me know on Instagram or comment on this blog post.

Similar Tanks: Tank 1//Tank 2

Let me know which outfit is your favorite? I think mine is by far the graphic tee over the cheetah dress :) Stay tuned for next week's post. 

xoxo Megan 


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