Monday, June 11, 2018

Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes


Ok so from my experience so far, finding breastfeeding 
friendly clothing is highly important.
Especially when you are out and about!

I know one time I was at a restaurant and I wore 
a dress that was not breastfeeding friendly at all.
Therefore, I had to go to the car
and pretty much undress completely to 
feed my baby.

I had to miss a chunk of dinner with my family. 

So now every time I am shopping 
for new clothes, I keep
breastfeeding in mind. 

Now I don't even buy clothes 
that are not breastfeeding friendly.

So y'all, 
I have came up with 8 outfits 
that are breastfeeding friendly!

These outfits will also give y'all 
ideas of what type of clothing 
is truly breastfeeding friendly.
Because who wants to spend money
on breastfeeding clothes
that you are only 
going to wear a certain amount of time,
when you can buy clothes you can wear forever. 

I went shopping over a couple weeks span,
{mainly during the memorial day sales}
and I found 8 different outfits that are breastfeeding

I went shopping online 
{because online is mainly the only way I shop now}
Aerie/American Eagle, Spoiled Rotten Boutique, app, & Hope's Boutique

This embroidered bell sleeve top 
is great because you can 
fit baby underneath 
not worry about your milk
leaking on your shirt.

Hence sometimes when I wear shirts
where I pull down from the top,
my milk gets all over my shirt. 

Shop here
for this cute shirt.
The red one is completely sold out.
But there is still a white, blue, 
& black one still available. 

This shirt is true to size, 
and I am wearing a size small.

This dress is seriously so comfy. 
And when I first saw it,
I thought I can't purchase this 
because it isn't breastfeeding friendly.
But y'all,
it is & I am so happy.

I just pull the top of the dress to the side
to breastfeed little man. 

This dress does run bigger,
believe it or not.
I was going to get a size 
medium because it looks form fitting.
But I heard to size down,
so that is what I did.
So I am wearing a small. 

The dress I believe is sold out on the website,
but here are some similar

This boutique is a local boutique 
in the Knoxville, TN area.
But you can shop online.
Which is what I did, 
since it is difficult 
to usually go shopping with a newborn. 

This dress is so stinkin cute,
and it's off the shoulder.

Literally any off the shoulder dresses or tops,
are breastfeeding friendly.
Which is mainly what
is featured on this post.
You just pull down from the top. 
Just be careful with your milk leaking
like I stated above.

Trick is to put a burp cloth
on the pulled down part under baby's chin
to catch some of the milk. 

Shop here
for the dress.
I am wearing a size small. 

I love this shirt so much. 
It is so light & airy.
And days like today on vacation
in Charleston,
it is nice to have something like this on.

Little man was asleep 
the whole time I was wearing this shirt.
So unfortunately,
I did not get a picture of me breastfeeding.

And I wasn't about to do a 
"fake" breastfeeding picture,
because he just went to sleep.
And you DO NOT wake a sleeping baby. 
{He had been fighting sleep all day}

Anyway, this shirt is so flowy and loose, 
you can fit baby underneath it to feed. 

Click here to purchase shirt. 
Comes in two colors. 

Another off the shoulder outfit!
But this time a stinkin cute romper.
Rompers are awesome 
because they count as a whole outfit. 

Once again, 
did not get a picture of me breastfeeding 
little man. 
I decided to give him a bottle of breastmilk
 at dinner instead.
But it is pretty self explanatory as to how
it's breastfeeding friendly. 

Buy the romper here
Romper is actually not that shade blue
like above. {filter problems haha!}
But it is still stinkin cute. 

I am wearing a size medium.
I always size up on rompers
because I do not like when it is tight on
my booty. 

I bought this top thinking I could pull it down
from the side. 
But no not really.
Since I have a bigger bust,
it is very difficult to pull
one side of shirt down.

But y'all since its flowy at the bottom,
there is room to feed baby that way.

I am wearing a size small,
and it is true to size. 

Buy top here

The link to the Jane website is listed above,
but I use the app. 

This app is amazing because it posts daily boutique deals
that only last for a certain amount of time
before it disappears.

Therefore, the next two shirts I am posting about
are no longer available on the app. 

But I will link where the shirts are actually from.
 I got the two shirts discounted since I purchased them through
the app rather then through the actual websites
where they are from. 

This off the shoulder shirt is 
actually from Altar'd State. 

How adorable is this??

I couldn't find the exact shirt on their website,
but here
is a link to off the shoulder clothing
on their website. 

I am wearing a size small.
Shirt is true to size. 

Even though this an off the shoulder top,
you can breastfeed either way
by pulling down from the top 
or fitting baby underneath. 

A versatile shirt is amazing
when it comes to breastfeeding. 

 You can also either wear it off the shoulder 
or as a regular top. 

This top is actually frrom

Purchase top here

The top comes in multi colors, 
and I also found that this same print/color
is in an off the shoulder jumpsuit also.

I am wearing a size small.
Shirt is true to size. 

So pretty much any loose fitting shirt or off the shoulder 
clothing items are perfect for

I hope this helped y'all. 


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