Monday, June 18, 2018

Luca's day in a life at 6 weeks old!

Luca's typical day currently,
isn't much of any sort of routine yet.
But I thought this post would be sweet
to look back at when he is on a routine.
{hopefully he will get on one--fingers crossed}

Luca as of right now, is eating anywhere between
1.5-3 hrs. On average every 2 hours. 
Since I am mainly breastfeeding,
I am not sure how many ounces he is getting per feeding.
But when I give him a bottle, 
he usually isn't completely full until he drinks 
4 oz. 
Now my supply is pretty good I should say,
but I do have a strong let down
and so my milk comes out really fast. 
So when breastfeeding,
he eats for a total of 5-15 minutes per feeding.

So anyways, thank goodness to my favorite nursing app (MyMedela),
I am able to keep up with when I breastfeed him, give him a bottle,
and pump.
The app also lets you track how many pee and poop diapers, sleep, 
height,and weight. 
But I only track what I just listed above. 

Little man, wakes up around 6-6:30 to feed, but then he will usually go 
straight back to sleep until 9-9:30.
Praise the Lord!

Therefore, I take full advantage of that and go back to sleep as well. 
{Also he sleeps in his bassinet at night, but once daddy leaves
for work at 6ish, I put his dockatot in our bed next to me. It is
just easier for me once he wakes up for the day.}

I then feed him again when he wakes up at 9ish,
and we are up for the day after that.
I change his diaper, and get him dressed to go on our daily walks.
We usually get to the park between 10-10:45 am.

{not what I wear to go walking, but we took this picture the
other day after we were up & ready for the day--ignore the messy room.
Haven't had time to clean it yet}

The reason there is a gap between the times we
go walking and not a set time is because
something always happens where the time gets pushed as to when
we finally get out the door.
Whether it be him spitting up all over him and I right when we 
are leaving and we have to go back and change. 
he decides he is hungry again. 
{he is training to be chunky boy is what I tell him haha}

After our walk, 
he is usually hungry again so depending on how he is afterwards,
I will either feed him in the car or wait until we get home.
We only live like 8 minutes from the park we walk at which is nice. 

Now this is where the no set routine takes place.
From then on after our walk,
little man makes up his own schedule.
He stays up for hours and hours before he takes a nap, and 
decides he is always hungry.

So here lately, he hasn't been taking a nap until 3pm. 
He usually stays asleep for a couple hours though once he falls asleep.
The way you know he is fully asleep is when he has his arms either in the air
or above his head. haha!

For me, I either take a nap with him {because at this point 
I am exhausted from keeping him occupied for hours}
or I will skip the nap and get things done around the house.
Which prior to having a child, 
I could care less if my house was clean
and usually only cleaned it when we were expecting people over.
{lazy problems haha!}
But now I can not stand when the house is a disaster.

Once he wakes up from his nap, his daddy is finally
home from work, and spends time with him.
I start making dinner, and they usually cuddle on the couch.

SIDE NOTE: Keep in mind I am feeding him on average every 2 hours during the day, and usually
after he wakes up from this nap he starts deciding to eat every 3 ish hours. Also
I have been changing his diaper after every feeding as well.
Little man poops and pees a lot, and usually poops while I am feeding
him so I wait to change him afterwards.

Another SIDE NOTE: Little man spends some time in his mamaroo and/or his activity lounger thing at some point during the day.

(honestly have no idea what the activity thing is called--I borrowed it from my mother in law
because I read an article stating it is good for his auditory system for his age)
Sometimes its during the day and most times now it is in the evening
while his daddy & I are eating dinner.

But after dinner, the "routine" is feeding him every 3 hours,
and keeping him content. He usually hangs out with us on the couch or bed
laying on his boppy or either laying on our legs.

Little man has been lately falling asleep from
10pm-1am and then waking up to eat
around 1 am.
Once he falls asleep at 1 am,
he has been staying asleep until 5am-6am.

After he eats then he will go back to sleep around 7:15ish,
and will stay asleep (as stated above)
Then the whole day will start all over again after that.

I know I probably left some things out that we typically due in a day,
but those are the main activities we do at him being
6 weeks old.

I hope y'all enjoyed reading.
 I would love here what your little one's day consists of!!
Either comment on this blog post or my Instagram post.

Y'all have a blessed day!


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