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+Luca's Nursery+

Lets first start with a peak inside Luca's nursery. 
 I am highly obsessed with all things dinosaurs. 
So it was only fit that my baby boy would have a dinosaur themed nursery.
Therefore, I hope he likes dinosaurs when he gets older. haha!
Here is what you first see when you walk into his room. 
I went with a lot of grey and whites with pop of colors and wood accents.
 The pop of colors were pulled from his crib sheet/quilt/changing pad cover.
 All three were purchased from the Little Unicorn. 
They literally have the cutest prints. 
The Little Unicorn also carry muslin swaddle blankets, bibs, and even outdoor blankets.
 I am sure they carry other things as well 
but those are all the things that drawled my attention. 
Hence, he also has the matching muslin swaddle blanket too. 
Oh and his grey crib skirt is also from there as well. 

Purchase the items here:
Crib Sheet--Click Here
Crib Skirt--Click Here
Quilt--Click here
Changing Pad Cover--Click Here
Swaddle Blanket {We actually bought the swaddle set}--Click Here

You can also find the swaddle set and quilt at your local Target as well. 
That is where we purchased ours.

I did not get a close up of the gallery wall due to needing
 to add an actual picture of Luca in one of the frames. 
But everything on the gallery wall can be found at Hobby Lobby besides
 the frame that needs a picture in it was from Marshalls. 
The frame says "Sweet Baby" on it. 

Purchase these here:
Orange Triceratops--Click Here
Navy Stegosaurus--Click Here
Always be yourself.. Unless You can be a Dinosaur.. 
Then Always be a Dinosaur sign--Click Here
The letter L & the other sign "Your first breath took Ours Away", I could not find direct links to them but I am sure they still have them in the store. 

Little man's chair is from Pottery Barn Kids.
 It's the My First Gray Harper Anywhere Chair. 
Thank you to my sweet friend Alicia and her husband for getting him the chair as a gift. 
I love it so much, and I hope he loves it too once he can really start sitting in it. 

Pictured above is a closer look of his quilt and crib sheet. 
Little man's crib is from Target, and the mobile is from Walmart.
 Thank you to my friend's mother's DIY shop for 
letting me custom make his circle sign that is hanging above his crib. 
I also did the dark wood custom piece from her shop as well. 
More detailed info on it a couple pictures down. 

Purchase the above items here:
4-in-1 Convertible Crib--Click Here
Dinosaur Mobile--Click Here

If you live in the Knoxville, TN area, 
then you should check out my friend's mother's shop.
 I have made countless number of projects/decor through her 
and I love how all of them turned out. 
She has classes where you select from a list of items for that day
 or you can request a custom piece instead {which is what I did that day}. 
FYI: I was 22 weeks pregnant with Luca in this picture. :)

So many wonderful meaningful items all wrapped into one picture. 
The Air Force bear sitting in the chair I got for myself when I was at Lackland Air Force Base watching my hubby {boyfriend at the time} graduate from basic training. 
Now I am passing it down to Luca to have to cherish forever. 
The blue chair that the bear is sitting in was my grandmother's when she was little. 
{she just passed away recently this past December} 
It was originally pink and painted it navy to match the nursery/be more boyish. 

The book shelf is from Pottery Barn Kids, 
and majority of the books that are in the book shelf are my childhood books. 
I kept all of my childhood books in hopes to one day pass them on to my children.
 The floating shelves are from Target and they as well are my childhood books.
 I displayed the most boyish ones I had. :) 
Now some books are added in the first picture that are not in the second picture. 
These books are from baby shower. 
Instead of a card I asked for people to bring a book and write something in it for Luca.
 I figured cards eventually get thrown away, 
so a book can be more meaningful since we get to keep it forever. 

The "Let the world hear you roar" dinosaur sign was purchased at Hobby Lobby. 

{I couldn't find the direct link online, but once again I am sure they have it in store}

These were the custom piece signs that I was talking about previously.
 My momma actually had the wood already that she was going to use for shelves in her bathroom,
 but since she moved, she had no use for them anymore.
 I decided I could find something to use them for, and turn them into a DIY project.
 I found this sweet little quote, 
and I knew this was exactly what I wanted to put on these wood pieces. 

We decided to go with short curtains that only cover the windows, 
and this was actually my husband's idea.
 He made a good point that Luca will eventually be able to pull on things, 
and the last thing we wanted was for him to yank them off the wall. 
We purchased the  curtains through Overstock. 

{They do not have these specific curtains anymore}

My cute little nakey boy is laying in front of his tee pee pictured above. 
The tee pee was purchased from Tnee's Tpees. 
They seriously have the cutest tee pees ever. 

Ok so this was another project I did for the nursery,
 but my husband actually helped me with this one. 
This is a true antique rocker that was handed down to my husband.
 The rocker is well over 100 years old, 
and my husband was actually rocked in it when he was a baby. 
How sentimental and awesome is that? 
I believe it was my husband's great great uncle's chair. 
The one on the left is what my mother in law did to it years and years ago. 
Obviously it has had some wear and tear since then. 
The one on the right is what my husband and I did. 
We bought the fabric from you guess it.... Hobby Lobby! haha! 
And all we did was cut the fabric to cover different sections of the chair 
and used a staple gun to upholsterer it. 

The "You are my Sunshine" is also from hobby lobby and one of my sweet sister in laws' bought it for Luca. 

This wood frame was purchased used from a friend. 
I had this as decor piece at my last baby shower, 
and decided it would look wonderful in the nursery.
 At my last baby shower, I had pictures of when my husband 
and I were little as well as our maternity pictures. 
The pictures are actually still in the frame, and I may not switch them out. :)

And here is a closer look of his changing pad cover as well as below. 
I am just in love with this print. 
Y'all they seriously have the cutest prints ever!!
the dinosaur prints were purchased through an ETSY shop, 
and the frames were purchased at HOBBY LOBBY.
As you can tell I love HOBBY LOBBY. 
If they ever close, I think I would cry.
The dresser was purchased through target, and I switched out the knobs
with of course dinosaur knobs. 
The knobs were purchased through an ETSY shop as well. 

How cute is my boy laying on his dinosaur changing pad 
in his dinosaur onesie :)

This is a close up of the dinosaur knobs. 
The cool thing about these knobs is that the ETSY shop they were 
purchased from,  are located in Ireland. 
And if you have read my infertility journey post,
you would know we got to take our announcement pictures
in IRELAND!!!!
I did not realize the shop was in Ireland until after I purchased them.
How AMAZING is that??

And that is all y'all. 
I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing pictures in Luca's nursery. 
I can not wait for him to grow into it. 
I made sure it wasn't just geared towards "baby". 
I wanted him to be able to grow in it as he gets older. 
I guess if he doesn't like dinosaurs my heart would break, 
I would change it to how he would like it.
But what little boy 
doesn't like dinosaurs.


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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog today on the nursery and especially loved the pics of Luca 💙😘


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