Monday, June 4, 2018

One Month Update

Our sweet little Luca is offically a month old.
What in the world??
He is growing up way too fast!

Little man loves a lot of things
 but he also dislikes some things as well.

He has such a personality already from birth
 to now at one month old. 
I can not wait to see how much more it develops
every month.

Luca loves being swaddled 
but you better have his arms out,
or he will pitch a fit
and start screaming really loud. 
Oh Joy! 

As you can tell in these pictures above,
he loves sleeping with his arms in the air
or near/on his face. 

Sweet boy also loves his dock a tot, 
and sleeps wonders in it. 

I believe at a couple days old, 
I tried out the dockatot 
because he was just not really 
sleeping at all just in his bassinet as is.
I know it isn't recommended to put anything
in the bassinet 
but you got to do what you got to do
in order for your child to sleep.
And once I put him in the dockatot,
he started sleeping anywhere between 3-5 hour 
increments instead of 1 hour. 

He has been so wide awake and alert since probably 2.5 weeks. 
But now in the last four days or so,
he has been staying awake longer during the day.
Usually between 2-4 hours before he takes his first nap. 

We still are not on a sleeping routine,
but the sleeping pattern he has right now,
I don't mind it at all. 

Little man sleeps at night between 3-4 hr increments.
Usually awake for the day between 8:30-9:30 am. 

Luca loves his mamaroo.
Thank the Lord. Wahoo!
I know some babies do and some don't.
That is the main reason we bought it used
rather than brand new. 

He usually will spend a couple hours total every day. 
Never stays in more than 30 minutes at a time.

Lately since he has been more alert and awake,
he hasn't been falling asleep in it 
but just looking and trying to figure
everything out. 

Since he was 1.5 weeks,
we have been going on daily walks together
at a nearby park.
We at least go 5 times a week.

He is such a good content boy 
when we go on our walks.
Sometimes we go by ourselves
but we have mainly been going with 
his cousin and his momma. 

Up until the past couple of days,
I have just been clipping his car seat into the stroller
and pushing him that way.
But now since he is growing, and I want him to be more
protected from the sun,
I clipped the regular stroller part onto it.
And y'all he loves laying all the way 
in that thing.
The straps are still really big,
but he loved being in it the whole time we were walking. 

Also I try to always go in the mornings before it gets unbearably hot,
but I still have the stroller fan attached
because it can still be quite toasty. 

Sweet boy loves doing skin to skin, 
and laying on our chests.
Especially his daddy's. 

Also when he is laying on mine or my husband's chest,
he has been holding his head up.
He started doing this very early on.
He will even push off our hands and make his way
up our chest. 

I have a feeling he will be crawling early,
as well as holding his head up completely.

He is our strong little boy. 

Luca had his first bottle of breastmilk at three weeks.
Which he loved it,
but still prefers the boobies. 

But it is nice to get a break every now and then.
Even though I have started pumping some,
and will pump either before I give him
his bottle or right after.

As of right now,
he has been usually eating 3 oz 
every 3 hours. 

And he usually has 3 bottles a day,
and the rest of the feedings are strictly 

The 3 bottles a day started at the 4 week mark,
so the end of last week.
Before then I was just giving him 1 bottle a day.

He loves his boppy!!
And the past couple days I have been 
trying tummy time
but only for a couple minutes with it.

He is also still trying to get the hang of pacis 
but is getting so much better. 

Once his cord feel off,
he could finally have big boy baths.
He doesn't hate it,
but still hasn't figured it out yet.

But he loves being wrapped in his hooded towel

Luca smiles all the time. 
but I think it is still gas related. 

He wears size newborn clothes and diapers.
Which I believe in the next week or so
he will be in 0-3 months. 
Because at close to 4 weeks,
his pants are starting to be a little snug
due to his belly. haha!

At almost 4 weeks he weighed 8 lbs 2 oz. 
{He weighed 7lbs 5 oz at birth, 
and dropped to 6 lbs 6 oz two days later}

He has definitely made up for the lost weight.
Luca's one month appointment
is in a couple days, 
and now I think he weighs close to 9lbs.

Big boy!!

That is all for now y'all!!
Can not wait to see where our boy
will be next month.
Even though time should slow down.
He is already growing way too fast. 


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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog today and loved all the pictures


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