Saturday, June 23, 2018

My Instagram Followers Chose My Date Night!

this was seriously so much fun to do.

Like I stated in my Instagram videos,
(explaining how this all works)
youtubers have been doing videos where 
their Instagram followers chose/vote on their day. 
To my knowledge I haven't seen any bloggers do this yet.
I could be wrong though! 
I just know I haven't read any blog posts on this yet.

Instead of letting my Instagram followers vote on 
how I spend my day, 
I decided why not let them vote on what 
John and I do for our date night.
Now we already planned on seeing Jurassic World
way before Luca was born.
When the trailer came out,
I told John we should go see that for our first date night. 
{and that is exactly what we did...but with a twist}

So since we were already going to see the movie,
I decided to first let my Instagram followers vote
on which theater we were going to watch it at. 

As you can tell in the above picture, 
the winner was Regal Cinemas. 

We bought the tickets early in the day
because I was afraid they would sale it.
{which when we got there we had to sit a couple rows back 
from the very front}

Side note: I waited about 30 minutes for my Instagram followers to vote, 
and then went with the results at that time.
Now some I did wait an hour,
but some we had to hurry up and leave,
so I took the results at the 30 minute mark like 
I just stated. 

Ok so we also wanted to know where we 
were eating in advance as well. 
So the two choices were Smokey Mountain Brewery,
and Steak n Shake.
The winner by a long shot was Smokey Mountain Brewery. 
{Both were right next to the Regal theater we chose}

It was finally time to get ready,
so I asked how I should wear my hair and do my make up.
Even though I asked how to do my hair first,
I always do my make up before.

So the winner was to curl my hair and do 
dramatic make up. 
I haven't curled my hair in a very long time,
so it was nice that it was picked. 

So this was dramatic for me. I am by no means a professional
at doing my make up, but I loved how it turned out.
Dramatic to me is adding a smokey eye, 
and lipstick. 
Everything I used to do my make up is in the picture above. 
I use my morphe pallete for my brows, eyes, and 
liner for my under eye. 
This is by far way more make up then I 
usually wear.
I either usually wear no make up 
or light/natural. 

I used my nume curling wand to curl my hair,
and this was the results.
I loved how it turned out.
And I believe I finally learned how to curl
my hair to my liking. 

Next was the outfit choice. 
I was wanting a casual look since 
we were just going to a dinner and a movie
{nothing fancy}
Mind you, I took these pictures in
With a 7 week old,
you have to do a lot things in advance. 

Outfit #2 was the winner,
and I am not complaining about it.
It's funny because I literally just bought that oufit
earlier that day haha!
I bought the outfit from Fiore Boutique
This store is in our mall,
and it is one of my favorite boutiques we have in 
But I know that they are everywhere.
Plus you can use the link above to purchase online!
So check them out!

Finally before heading out the door,
it was time for my Instagram followers
to pick my shoes.
Their choice was sandals,
but I was hoping they would pick heels. 

The funny thing was I took pictures in both 
before we had to leave the house ASAP!
So to not be late I took pictures in both, and just brought them 
with me in the car. 

{Which shoes look better with the outfit??
 Let me know in the comments or on 
Instagram ;) }

Ok so we finally got to their 
restaurant of choice
to eat.

So the next option was to see
what I should eat...

Yay! So I was very excited
that they chose pasta
because that was what I was really wanting

John did get the wings.
So we really got both, I just didn't eat 
any wings.
Which thankfully I didn't
because John got some super hot wings 
to the point where he was sweating. 

I got the pasta with stuffed ricotta and meat sauce. 
It was so yummy.  

So after we were done eating,
we headed over to the Regal Cinemas 
movie theater that was next door
to watch the movie.

I've been waiting on this movie since
the trailer came out.

Like I said earlier,
we had so much fun with all of this.
And something I definitely want to do 
again in the future. 

I also recommend for y'all to try it out,
especially if you can't decide on what to do. 
It's the new era of rock, paper, scissors haha!

Have a blessed day y'all!!



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