Tuesday, October 2, 2018


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I have been so excited to share what I have been working on with y'all. The day has finally come, and I really hope this project helps so many women out there. So here we go...

The I'm Worthy Project was designed to help women out there that has been or are still in abusive/toxic relationships. We are all worthy and deserve to be completely happy, confident, and deserving for that matter. And I say "WE" because I have been there girls, I have. My last long relationship, prior to my husband, was toxic, unhealthy, and abusive--mentally and at times physically. 

So I can relate fully, but all of our stories are different. We all go through different kinds of toxicity in these types of relationships. So we all have a story to tell right?? Or at least that is what the I'm Worthy Project is doing. We are sharing different women's stories of what they have experienced in hopes that it will help someone else out there. Some of us are where we have always wanted to be in life, and some of us are still currently working our way towards our "dream life." But either way all of these women have seen the other side... the much much better side of not being apart of a toxic relationship anymore. 

Today is the official launch date.. October 2nd, 2018. The reason for this launch date is because my husband and I have been together (our dating anniversary) for 6 years. 6 years is so special to me because it is officially the longest relationship I have been in. My last relationship was a couple months shy of 6 years. So I found this fitting for a launch date. Because I love my husband, and the relationship we have. We were friends first for 3 years before we started dating, which I honestly think that allowed for our relationship to be that much more stronger. Yes, we fight and have arguments.. But every healthy relationship does. You have to work through things, because communication is key and holding things in that bothers you isn't healthy. We come out on the other side... to a mutual decision, we apologize, hug & kiss it out haha! and of course no abuse happens during the fighting. Any man that puts a hand on you is not worth your time, or life! Now, I know people that haven't been in this situation always think just get out and leave. Why are you even with him? That is just dumb you let him do that to you? Or some people don't know what is going on behind closed doors because you don't want to tell anyone because you are ashamed/embarrassed. I know I have been there. My family had no idea none of this was going on because I kept it to myself and brushed it off like it was normal. It's not, it really isn't. The first time your partner lays their hands on you RUN .. RUN far away from them. I know it feels like you don't deserve anything better than what you have right now... But you do. Seek help from your family and friends. Tell them what has been going on even if it feels awkward or embarrassing to do so. They deserve to know so they can help you. Seek help from law enforcement or community centers that help with domestic violence. 

So as I have been saying, everyone is worthy and deserves to feel happy, confident, beautiful, you name it. You deserve the world! Therefore, the I'm Worthy Project is also targeting women in the Knoxville, Tennessee area (as of right now) who want to share their stories but also partake in what I call a "Happiness Photoshoot." 

The photo shoot is designed to make women feel just that.. confident, beautiful and worthy. They get their hair and make up done as well as have their pictures taken by a professional photographer. As of right now everyone has been doing their own makeup but we would love for a MUA to help the next ladies feel beautiful. So meet my team!!!!!

The lovely lady in the middle is Whitney from Whitney Jade Photography. She is the sweetest, and I actually met her for the first time in 2017 when she did my brother in law and sister in law's wedding. Mind you.. All of us have been volunteering our time to do all of this. So the fact that Whitney has taken time out of her busy schedule I highly appreciate it so much. Follow her on Instagram as well.. You will love all of the pictures she takes. 

The girl on the right is Maddie. She is a hair stylist at Salon Aquarius in Knoxville, Tennessee. So so talented. She's actually has done by hair in the past. If you are in the Knoxville area.. y'all should definitely use her. Whitney too of course for photos. Follow Maddie on Instagram too. I just can't thank her enough for volunteering her time as well. I know hair stylists have such a busy schedule also. 

Our first meeting we met in the cutest coffee shop. Knoxville has seriously stepped up their coffee shop game (if that is even a thing?? haha!). There are so many other cute ones beside this one.. But y'all.. It's amazing. The coffee shop is Remedy Coffee, and I just love how it is decorated, and the coffee is strong and yummy. Which is what this mama needs 24/7. 

But any who, our first meeting was so successful, and we were all so excited to get started. And so eager to help so many women out there. Our first photo shoot was September 9th, 2018. We had 5 girls, including myself get their hair done and pictures taken. The pictures turned out so amazing, and I can not wait for y'all to see how gorgeous each of these girls are. Truly stunning inside and out. I will posting every day a different girl's story this week. So get ready to read some heart felt uncensored posts this week. I will be starting with mine first, so yes mine will be uncensored as well. Now of course we keep the names and description of the people we are talking about private... But what all went on will not be censored. These posts are meant to help other women out there, and help them relate to what we have went through. And if any of y'all are not in the Knoxville area if you still want to share your story please reach out to me because I would love to still share it. I obviously just couldn't do the photo shoot for you. That being said if you are in the Knoxville area, please contact me and let me know if you want to share your story. We are looking for more girls for October, November, and December. 

Lastly, we are selling comfort colors shirts to help raise money for the non-profit YWCA Knoxville. YWCA Knoxville strives to make a difference in the lives of women who are turning their lives around on the path to self-sufficiency, victims of domestic violence who need help finding safety, young people in need of role models, and the tools to make healthy lifestyle choices. Follow the link here if you would like to purchase one. We have t shirts, long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts available. What they look like are below.... 

Click Here to purchase one!

If you want to help in the future please let me know. We would love more help. And as I said, if you want to get your story heard then contact me as well. You are all worthy. Never forget that!

Love all around
<3 Megan


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