Friday, August 10, 2018

Luca's Three Month Update

I say this every month update. But how on earth is my little Luca already another month older?? Where is time going?? Seriously though.. It is like flying by. 

Thus far I have been taking notes in my phone as he does something new or if he loves or hates something. But this past month I did not. Working so much got in the way, and I forgot to take notes.. Whoops! So I am going to try my best to remember everything from the top of my head. 

So many things exciting did happen this month, and not so exciting/needed to be done happened as well. 

First things first, Luca is 12 lbs 3 oz and 23 inches long. He finally grew two inches since last month. Woo hoo! But our sweet boy is still a little guy being only in the 10th percentile. He does have some chunky legs though.. It must be where all of his weight is going haha! But y'all his head is in the 50th percentile.. I guess that means he is going to smart right?? Luca is wearing size 3 months clothes and only some 0-3 months if they are made bigger. Still can't fit into any shoes yet. His feet are so small. Hopefully he will be able to soon. Oh! and he is wearing size 2 diapers. We are loving Target and Babyganics diapers at the moment, and only use Babyganics wipes. And all Babyganics products for bath time, lotion, sunscreen, bud spray, hand sanitizers, etc. 

So one amazing thing that he is doing now is smiling back at every one and following us with his eyes. No longer gas smiles.. We get really big smiles from him... He is such a ham, and I honestly think he knows he is so dang cute. Luca also loves making the funniest faces haha!! See below!

I know last month he was getting better at holding his head up, but now he does such a good job.. Every week he kept getting better and better, and currently we are working on sitting up.. But that will be an update for next month! Speaking of being good at holding his head, we have been working on it with tummy time. And oh my gosh! My boy no longer does tummy time anymore because every time we put him on his tummy he rolls over to his back. I repeat my baby rolls over from belly to back. Like what in the world? Too big he is too big. 

We briefly worked on sitting up this past month, and I decided to try him in the bumbo one day. He actually did really good sitting in it. I kept him in it as long as he was content and sitting up straight. Once he started leaning back (probably about after 10 minutes or so), and dropping his head backwards I took him out. But while he was in there I decided to help him grasp a toy and rattle. The reason I did this is because the note the doctor gave me at his two month appointment said that he should be able to hold a rattle by three months. Well three months was rolling around and I still hadn't worked on that.. Whoops. Like I said time flies, and it is hard to keep up sometimes. But anyway, he did so good holding the rattle and the toy.. He actually kept pulling it towards his mouth to eat it. haha! 

Luca is now only taking his paci before bed, and lately he has been just putting himself to bed. He also is now sucking on his first and fingers instead to soothe himself. And it is not just one finger at a time, it is like 2 or 3 or 4.. I guess his fingers are that yummy! haha!! But if he can self soothe himself. I am all for it... But I heard sucking on his thumb or fingers can be harder wean when they get older. But who knows! I know some people have a lot of trouble with weaning pacis too. So I say who cares.. whatever makes your baby happy right?

Luca finally went for his first swim this month. Well actually more like me holding him or held him up in his pool float. The pool float is slightly big for him and he can't sit up by himself yet obviously. But he will grow into! I also bought swim diapers. And dang are they expensive. But the ones I got he can wear up to 20 pounds I think? But if any of y'all know of affordable swim diapers please let me know. 

But back to his first experience in the pool. The first attempt in the pool, he screamed and was not happy at all. But go figure it was around the time he was ready to eat again. So I fed him, and then he was ready for round two. And yay! He loved it. He is so content in the water for a good hour I think. Or at least it felt like an hour. And then he was ready to get out to take a snooze. I can't wait to take him to the pool more often. I really do hope he is a water baby. 

We took Luca's three months pictures, and oh my goodness my baby is so freakin adorable. He seriously knows how to work the camera and smile so big. Here are a few of the pictures. I still do not have all of them back yet. But I can not wait to see them!!! 

Luca is still not sleeping through the night. He usually wakes up once early in the morning to eat, and then he will go back to sleep. I still haven't put him on a strict sleep schedule, and I honestly don't know if I will. Right now what we are doing is working really well, and he is doing it all himself and I am only assisting a little bit. 

He usually falls asleep around 11 pm. But here lately it has been 10 pm. He will wake up anywhere between 4-6 am to eat, and goes to back to bed anywhere between 8-10 am. So I go back to bed when he does so I can catch up on some sleep because I do not have time to take any naps anymore. 

He has started to take 30 minute naps around 12:00 pm and 2:00pm. And usually takes an hour nap between 3:30-4:00pm. And some times takes a little nap between 7:00-8:00pm.

He is eating on average every 3 hours, but since I am trying to get him off the nipple shield (yes I am still using a nipple shield to breastfeed) he eats every 2- 2.5 hours. Side note: I will be doing a more detailed post on my breastfeeding experience, weening him off the shield, and feature a Q & A with my LC. I will put the blog post up once weaning him off the shield is successful. Until then I need some prayers.. 

I will also talk about his procedure he got done which was his lip and tongue clipped, so I will not go into detail about that in this post. But look at the difference in his mouth already in this pictures below. Like wow! The left in both pictures is before. 

Some random updates: The mamaroo has only been used on occasion now, the sit me up chair stays at his Pop Paul's now, and Luca uses it every time he goes over there. He lays on his play mat occasionally as well. Also if we are in the play room, I lay him in his automatic bouncer and he loves it now. He was actually so content in it yesterday. 

I have also been putting him in his activity bouncer ( I guess that is what it is called). And he loves it so much. It is Finding Nemo themed, and he just loves the music it plays and looking around at all the different characters on it. I have been putting a pillow under his feet since he is short and he has been moving his legs some moving in back and forth.. But not up and down yet. I think Crush is his favorite though. 

Well y'all that is all I can think of.. As always I can not wait to see where my little man will be at next month and how much he will weigh. I hope y'all have a blessed weekend!! Luca says peace out.. I'm chillin with my daddy :)


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  1. Awww I so much enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the pictures - give Luca a kiss from KK


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