Monday, July 30, 2018

My Timeless Accessory: A wooden watch

Have you ever thought you need a little something more to add to your outfit? Or is there something else that is versatile with Motherhood that would make you feel like a cool mom? I know both of those questions have crossed my mind plenty of times in the last three months I have been a mother. 

I know that it is not a long time in motherhood, so some of you probably think well what does she know? Well, all I know is that it is highly important to take care of yourself and make yourself feel good on the outside to stay sane. So many moms told me while I was pregnant either said make sure you find time for yourself or there is no more "me time" anymore. 

As the second statement is true, it is important to find some time during the day or week (whichever can happen) to have time for yourself or doing something for yourself that makes you feel like your normal beautiful self again. 

With that being said, that is where this timeless accessory that I now own, and wear every day comes into play. Like y'all I feel like such a cool mom while wearing this watch. It is so stunning, and the color combo is to die for. The mint green with the dark wood looks so beautiful together. 

Jord Watches are so versatile and come in many different wood grains and color schemes to go with your everyday lifestyle. My particular wood watch is from the Frankie 35 series called "Dark Sandalwood & Mint." Like I was saying above, the color combination is timeless with radiating tones mixed with temperature. Meaning, the cooling mint couples with the warm toned Sandalwood to create a perfect balance of tone and temperature. 

Jord Watches allows you to get the wood watches customized from engraving to sizing. I did not get mine engraved but I did order mine to my specific wrist size. That was always a pain when I bought watches in the past was always finding a place that would take the extra links out for me because every watch I bought was always too big. My wrists are very small, and I was so thankful for this option. When I got it out of the box, which is also timeless in itself, and placed it on my wrist, it fit perfectly. They did provide me with extra links just in case it did not fit properly. But it was perfect fit.  

 Wood watches are so popular right now, and I can see why. The watches look great with everything, and fit into anybody's life style. Since I am a blogger, it is the perfect accessory with any outfit I wear for the day or for photo-shoots. With this shoot in particular, I paired it with Kamila Polka Dot Jumpsuit and the Bridget Wedge from Shop Stevie. We ended up taking my son's 3 month pictures as well, and the watch look so good in every picture we took. Like wow! I had no idea a watch could be this stunning. The mint green also gives the watch that little pop of color that instantly draws your eyes to the watch when looking at the pictures. 

I also can not forget about my puppy children, Xena and Diesel. They love treats, and will always do some good tricks for some yummy treats. You say treats.. They come running full speed. 

So therefore, tying this beautiful watch into my lifestyle of motherhood and life in general fits perfectly. Whether it be carrying my child in the body carry to calm him down to hugging on my hubby, feeding my doggies, or even posing for a photo-shoot... the watch always does the trick to fitting right in, and making me feel like myself for once. Motherhood is the most rewarding job you will every have, in my opinion, but always doing something for yourself or treating yourself every once in awhile is much needed for sure. 

So mama's, or any one really, you deserve to spoil yourself with a timeless wood watch from Jord Watches. You won't be disappointed.. I promise! 

Wooden Wrist Watch

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