Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My Nana's 90th SUPRISE Birthday Party Recap!

I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone who came out to surprise my Nana for her 90th birthday, it was truly so special for us and most definitely for her. 

When my Aunt KK, told me we should have a surprise birthday party for my Nana, I instantly thought of doing a Mickey Mouse theme. The reason being is because Mickey Mouse turned 90 years just 4 months prior. So it was only fitting right? But of course wanted to go away from the traditional red and white polka dots, and black or the red, white, and yellow theme. My Nana is very girly, and loves to match from head to toe.

Therefore, my aunt had her wear an outfit that would match the rose gold decor. hehe! So the color scheme was red, white and rose gold. I also printed out black and white photos to match the old photos we had of Nana, and her family and friends. 

If know me, you know I am absolutely obsessed with anything Disney, so of course when we decided on the Mickey Mouse theme.... I wanted to get Mickey or Minnie mouse ears for everyone. Luca and myself already had ears. And I actually had rose gold ears for my Nana to wear. So I ended up ordering the rest off Amazon for everyone else. Thought it turned out so good, instead of all of us wearing birthday hats. :)

For location of venue, we booked a room at Cruze Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. They seriously have the best pizza and ice cream.. And that's exactly what we had. They have so many unique yummy flavors. I got two flavors swirled together which was the two Girl Scout Cookie flavors that they had that day. If you are in the Knoxville area you should definitely go try them out. They have two locations downtown Knoxville off Gay st. and their main location off Asbury. 

Our server was seriously the sweetest, and of course my Nana had to get a picture with her. Cruze farm's uniforms for their employees are so dang cute! 

I set up a "photobooth" wall with two seperate ballon bundles with one of the pictures they had in the room with the Cruze Farm employees. I borrowed Mickey Mouse props from Luca's cousin Cameron :) He just had a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. Sot it was only perfect to borrow them :)

I could go on and on about how amazing her birthday party was, but I will stop here. Here are some more photos from the party, and the rest of the decor! Thank you again to everyone that came to celebrate :)


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