Tuesday, January 22, 2019

3 Products to Make Feeding Your Babe Easier // Less Messy Too

I have been on the hunt for some products that would help make feeding my little guy easier, and less messy. From cleaning up to being functional, three Nuby products have done just that for me. As I have started gradual weaning with Luca, I have been wanting something that will help keep the food in one area rather than spread out all over the highchair tray. And I honestly think Luca was so overwhelmed seeing some many food options spread out. With the products I will be talking about in this blog post, it helps keep them sectioned off, and Luca seems to prefer that so much better. 

1. Sure Grip Feeding Bowl

During this meal, I was feeding Luca broccoli mixed in sweet potatoes. So this bowl was perfect. Luca loves grabbing anything he can get his hands on, so having this type of bowl avoids so many messes. The Sure Grip Feeding Bowl is an integrated suction bowl, and has non-slip base that sticks to flat surfaces. It is 100% silicone which is great because it wipes clean, and is also dishwasher safe. Another bonus is that it is microwave and dishwasher safe! Hallelujah! And don't worry it is also BPA free and PVC Phthalate free. These bowls come in three different colors (Blue, Aqua, & Red), and can be purchased on Nuby's website. Great thing they are only $8.99! 

Purchase here:

2. Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate 

Ok y'all this plate is amazing, and oh so cute. Luca is still not eating full meals but like I said above I like sectioning off the food which I believe he prefers. I also think it makes his brain work more because he has to decide which section he wants to grab from first. Kind of like a puzzle right? haha! For this meal I gave him a half of a banana, and half of a half of an avocado (did you catch that? Confusing I know). I tried to put the fruit further away since he tends to grab whats closer to him first. 

The Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate has an integrated section plate, and a nonslip base sticks to flat surfaces. The plate and the placemat is all in one. Since it is silicone as well, it wipes clean, and is also dishwasher safe. (Not microwave safe.. Just FYI). The plate is BPA & PVC Free. The plate comes in four different colors & 3 animals. We went with the monkey one because my nickname my dad gave me when I was little was monk monk. So now I have my own little monkey, and thought it fit perfectly. The four colors are blue, aqua, red, and green. The three animals are elephant, monkey, and koala. 

You can purchase the plates here:
Nuby (All the options)
Walmart (The exact one we have)

3. EZ Squee-z

Lastly, I am going to be talking about this amazing food dispenser. I either let Luca pick up the banana with his hand and eat itt that way or I will put the banana in a dispenser. With the dispenser, it is less messy on their hands and easy for them to keep holding in their hand. Meaning less likely for it to drop on the ground since they have a better grip. I have tried a few other food dispensers with Luca, but this one is so neat. You can obviously fit a lot of food in there, and once they finish what is at the top, they (but really me) can push more food up to the top. 

The EZ Squee-z is a soft silicone food dispenser with a bulb shaped feeding pouch at the end that releases pureed and semisolid foods. There are  pressure sensitive values in the feeding pouch. This allows for babies as early as 3 months old to have a safe feeding experience. The values on the feeding pouch prevents drips and spills. It is also BPA free. 

You can purchase the food dispenser here:

I hope this will help y'all have an easier eating experience with your babe, and a less messy one too. I will be bringing these for now on all of my travels, and to restaurants. 

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**I received these products for a review, but all opinions are my own. 


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