Monday, July 9, 2018

Luca's Two Month Update

It is that time again to do another update. I just can't get over how quick my little man is growing up before my eyes. And all you mamas out there probably agree that our little ones grow up way too fast. Time slow down please!!!

Luca turned two months old on July 4th, 2018. So that was last week, and I am just now getting around to it. Mom problems! haha! Anyway, at his two month appointment he weighed 11 lbs and was 21 inches long. Meaning he gained 3 lbs since his one month appointment, and only an inch in height. Poor little guy may be on the shorter side like his parents. His height is in the 10% and weight in the 25%. He also got his shots this appointment. He didn't like them very much, which I don't think any baby does really. It was funny because the doctor said he would probably be sleeping the rest of the day. WRONG! He barely slept, and was crying off and on because I think his legs were sore. I was a tired momma that day/night into the next day. haha!

At 6 weeks, we switched his clothes to size 0-3 months, and size 1 diapers. Currently at 9 weeks he is wearing 0-3 months and some 3 months clothes, and still wearing size 1 diapers. But the size 1 diapers won't last too much longer. I am going to finish up our last small pack of diapers and then switch over to size 2's. We are currently loving Parasol diapers. They are super stretchy and absorbent. Highly recommend them to you all. I honestly think they are way better than honest company.

 We stopped swaddling Luca at 6 weeks. It was pretty much pointless since he hates having his arms swaddled and tied down. Little man loves to constantly move his arms around. We did try the swaddle where it lets their arms be above their head but he hated even more I think since he for sure couldn't wiggle them free. We do still use all of his swaddle blankets to lay over him to keep him warm, and use as burp clothes when one isn't near by. We love the Little Unicorn swaddle blankets especially the dinosaur print ones.

At 7 weeks Luca started chewing on his fist and/or thumb. He is still trying to figure the whole thing out, and it still doesn't last very long but it is so cute watching him try so hard. haha! Luca finally started also using his paci much more. He finally figured out how to keep it in his mouth. We use the wubbanub because it seems to stay in his mouth much better than others. He also loves the animals on the end of them, and is starting to hold them. So precious. We have the Girafee Wubbanub and Monkey Wubbanub.

Luca is still loving spending time in his Automatic Bouncer  and Mamaroo. {I linked the automatic bouncer that is similar to his as well as the mamaroo without the infant insert--which we are still using} There is still not a set time he spends in either, but spends at least 30 minutes in each once a day. He is also still sleeping in his Dockatot in the bassinet next to our bed, and then on our bed during nap time.

He is finally starting to enjoy being on his play mat either on his back or tummy for tummy time. I bought our's used but if you are interested in purchasing one similar to his this is  the one. He has been for the past week or so been being able to stay on it for good 30 minutes without getting frustrated. Which is progress because before it was only 5-10 minutes. As in the third picture below, he has also starting lifting his head up really good while laying on the bed as well.

Luca's new favorite items is the Fisher Price sit me up floor seat. At first he wasn't too thrilled of it but now he is able to sit up in it without crying for 15-30 minutes. I waited until he could hold his head up pretty good before having him use it. His head rests against the back of it since he is short and helps keep his head up. He no longer drops his head forward and can keep it straight but can't hold it up completely yet without some sort of support but he is close. 

We still love our Maxi Cosi travel system, and we sometimes use it to take naps outside--in the shade of course. We still go between attaching the car seat to it and the regular stroller attachment. It all just depends on if he is cranky or not, and if he is asleep I usually leave him in his car seat. We also use a clip on stroller fan to keep him cool when he is outside. This thing is literally amazing because all you need is batteries so no plug! 

During this past month, little man has gotten to do some exciting things. He got to travel to Charleston, SC to see his mumsey twice, and got to help celebrate his daddy's first father's day. I just honestly love watching my husband be a daddy to our Luca. It literally melts my heart, and makes me love him more than I thought I ever could. 

Side note: There has been a lot of people asking me where we got our duvet cover from, and we got it from Anthropologie. But unfortunately it is sold out. But here are some duvet covers, blankets, and shams that are similar off Amazon. 

+Flber Tufted Tassel Duvet Cover Lattice Boho Bedding,Full Queen, 86inx90in

+Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket, 50" x 60", Charcoal

+Rivet Bubble Textured Lightweight Decorative Fringe Throw Blanket, 47.7" W x 60" L, Grey and Cream

+Tassel Sham

When we went to the beach a week or so ago, we made sure to have some essentials to make sure he was comfortable, and didn't overheat. We only went one day just because he is only 2 months old, and we will be taking him later this year anyway. I mainly just wanted to do a trial run to see how he would do. For the most part he did really good, expect he was really tired and hungry so he was whiny for a little bit of it but once I fed him and soothed him to sleep he was amazing of course haha! He at first fell asleep in my arms and then I transferred him into his Fisher Price dome on the go. And y'all this thing is literally amazing. It completely covers them up and protects them from the sun. It also has netting all around the side for ventilation and let the breeze through. We kept the dome on our Little Unicorn outdoor blanket so sand wouldn't get on the bottom. We also kept an umbrella up over the chairs so when I held him he would still be protected.

While in Charleston, South Carolina we got to visit Boone Hall plantation where the notebook was filmed, and on our last day spent time by mom's pool. I honestly love traveling with our little guy. I know people say you can't do as much when you have a child, but I honestly feel like I get out and do more with him here which I love. I love traveling, and I am so happy he gets to be apart of it all.

A few other things Luca loves:

+His tongue. Still sticks it out all the time

+Sleeping with his arms in the air or above his head

+When momma says I love you and kisses his cheeks

+Being held

+Surprisingly doesn't mind the Nose Frida
And I like it way better than the bulbs. 
I feel like I get more out. 

+Bath Time

Luca hates:

+When he isn't eating. haha!!!

Can't wait to see where my little guy is at next month. :) He is a growing boy!


  1. Made my day reading your blog and looking at your Family of Three loved every pic but I think my favorite pic today was John looking down at Luca and Luca Lookin up at John sticking out his tongue with that big smile on his face ��


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