Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Baby Shower--April 2018

I am finally getting around to actually talk all about the day we celebrated Luca 
before he was even earth side. 
My baby shower turned out better than I envisioned it would. 

I started planning this shower way before I knew if I was having 
a boy or a girl. Once I found out I obviously finalized more gender specific decor :) 

I love planning parties, and decorating therefore I was so thrilled to do just that 
for my baby shower. 
My mom kept some of the decor a secret from me, but I told her 
what I wanted or was looking for 
and she hit the nail on the head.

Now, I did plan what type of antiques rentals I wanted to be at the shower
and Y'all.... they were absolutely stunning!!!
I rented the antiques from a local rental place in 
Knoxville, Tennessee called Sisters Vintage Rentals

I rented four farmhouse wood tables, a rolling cart to put the drinks and food on, a buffet table to put the desserts on, three doors, a velvet chair, and a wheel barrel to hold the gifts. 

All their antiques literally made my shower look amazing, and I am so impressed by all of their rentals as well. High quality stuff for sure. 
Also side note. The company is owned by sisters 
and are the sweetest ladies ever. 

Highly recommend to anyone in the Knoxville area that is looking for rentals
for weddings, showers, etc. 

My lovely friend Courtney from Magnolia Designs TN did the baby shower 
chalkboard sign. 
She is seriously amazing at everything she does.
You all need to check her out if you need signs or anything 
calligraphy done.

These were the beautiful center pieces my mother planned and decorated.
And my mother in law spray painted the dinos :)

Also thank you to one of my sister in laws for letting us borrow her vases, and eucalyptus
from the decor she used at her wedding. 

Seriously all of the decor turned out so dreamy, and perfect. 

Ok so the buffet tables is goals?? I mean how perfect and stunning was it 
for the desserts. So perfect right?

The cakes are from my favorite bakery in Knoxville called
Another awesome thing about this bakery is that they sell
their cakes at one of our local Krogers as well.
So that is where we bought the cakes from.

The flavors I chose was strawberry and vanilla. 
So so so yummy! 

The wonderful beautiful cookies were made by 
even though they are beautiful to look at..
they are also so delicious and yummy to eat. 

Highly recommend her as well.  

I felt so love this day, and I knew at that moment Luca was going
to be so loved as well. We got some many wonderful gifts for him.

Instead of bringing a regular card,
I had people bring a book instead and write a little sweet message 
inside that I could read to Luca on day! 
Cards get thrown away anyways, I felt like 
the book idea was way more meaningful and we could keep 

It is funny because as you can see two pictures above, 
I have a chair in front of me.
I literally could barely bend over to pick up the gifts and open them. haha!
So I decided I was going to put one in front of me and open it that way.
I was also so out of breath after opening each gift. 
The struggle haha!

Oh and one more thing. We had the whole shower at my mother in law's
cabin. It was the first big event she had there, and it was 
the perfect place to hold a shower.
The day was beautiful, and the rain held off until way after it 
was over. 

This day was seriously perfect, and I just want to thank everyone once
again for everything.. 
It was more than I could ever imagined. 
Forever grateful!

If you haven't seen Luca's story video.. You should definitely watch it.

And tear jerker for sure. 

There are also moments from the baby shower as well in it.

Watch it here:

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