Okay so before I knew I was having a boy, I always thought girls clothes were way cuter and there wasn't much cute boys clothes out there. I was way WRONG! Because in my opinion, there are so many options for boys clothes it's insane! So I am going to give y'all the top 5 places we shop for little man, and I hope this helps y'all if you are looking for some clothing for your little guy.

1. Carter's

We love Carter's because it's so reasonably priced plus they have huge sales all the time, and great coupons. Luca mainly wears Carter's all day every day. So many places sell Carter's brand clothes, but have gotten a lot of his clothes from the website or the actual Carter's store. Target, Walmart, JcPenneys, and Belk are a few of the stores that carry Carter's. So highly recommend them for your little guy. You can find clothes anywhere from dressy to lounge wear. I have linked a few of our favorites below. One being the outfit Luca has on above that he will be wearing to a wedding coming up. And if you all have seen one of my instagram posts from the last wedding we attended he wore those pants as well.

2. Target (Cat & Jack Brand)

So as I stated above you can also find Carter's at Target but we love the Cat & Jack brand from there as well.I feel like Luca is such a hipster baby when wears this brand haha! The baggy crouch pants I think are so adorable on little boys. They are also a very affordable brand as well. Like the pants he is wearing in the picture above are only $4.99. How awesome right??

3. H&M

Once again, this is another affordable brand. Which you can probably see a trend that we lean towards affordable rather than high end. Because babies grow so fast so I don't see the point in buying expensive clothes. H&M has the cutest Disney clothes as well which I linked some of  oue faves and most likely will be getting some of Luca's clothes for Disney from here. Their jeans and joggers are so stinkin cute!

4. Dillards

Now Dillard's is more on the pricier side, and more of "preppy" baby clothes. Wonderful place to shop for family pictures, weddings, baptisms or if you want to buy your little man more high end clothing. Now I did link some items that they had that are affordable, which is great as some is Ralph Lauren.

5. Old Navy

Lastly, Old Navy has a wide range  of comfy to casual. I feel like my husband likes Old Navy the best because it's exactly what he would wear haha! All the vests I linked below are so precious. And I love all of their PJ's as well as bathing suits (which where we got some of Luca's). I hope this helped y'all. Let me know where y'all like to shop for your little boys.

Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

September 18, 2018


This list I will be talking about is what I believe are the top 10 newborn must haves. At least, for my newborn Luca, this is what we have used a lot from newborn to currently 4 months of age. I have waited until him being 4 months old to do this post because I wanted to be able to give y'all an actual good list. Not items we used for a couple weeks, and then he hated or didn't use them anymore. For example: a paci. Luca no longer uses a paci, and if a paci is in his mouth he just bites or chews on it since he is teething. The doctor actually recommends for babies to quit using a paci around this age anyway. So I guess I won't have trouble weaning him off of it. But anyway on to the Top Ten Newborn Must Haves.

1. Travel System

In my opinion, a travel system for a newborn is necessary. Newborns like to sleep a lot and who would want to wake a sleeping baby if you have to get out of the car and run errands. Not me! The infant car seat attaches to the stroller, and it is just easy as one click. The one that we have is the maxi cosi travel system. It comes with the infant car seat, base for car seat, stroller, and regular stroller attachment. I am not aware of the other travel systems out there, but the maxi cosi is functional, comes in many colors, and the regular stroller seat detaches from the stroller so you can put the infant car seat on in it's place. Maxi cosi is also one of the lightest car seats on the market, which is what I needed since I don't have the greatest back due to scoliosis. 

2. Mamaroo (or some sort of swing)

Luca at first was kind of iffy about the 4moms mamaroo, but still to this day he still loves it. Almost 90% of the time if he is screaming and won't calm down, we put him in the mamaroo and he instantly calms down. Now a mamaroo is a little bit on the pricer side for swings but it is so worth the price. The swing has 5 unique motions & speeds, bluetooth enabled to control the motion and speed (this is nice when you don't feel like getting off the couch haha!), 4 built in sounds, mp3 plug in, machine washable with fabric, AC adapter, adjustable seat recline, and you can use it birth to 25 pounds. But most likely won't use when your baby can sit up unassisted because they will most likely be wanting to do other things at that point. Luca is not quite there yet so I am sure we still use it for another month. 

3. Swaddles

We honestly have tried so many different swaddles, and Luca actually hated being swaddled. While I was pregnant, I took a newborn class and the teacher said people think their babies hate swaddles but they actually don't, they are usually doing it wrong. And I was like okay I guess that was true until I had a child that hated being swaddled. Luca always seemed to get his arms free, and wanted them by his head or in the air at all times. And if he couldn't break his arms free he would cry until we got his arms out. For the longest time we only swaddled his lower half of his body, and he loved that. But with muslin swaddles, you can use them for so much more than just swaddling your baby.. So that is why I think swaddles are a definite must haves. We use the Little Unicorn swaddles in our household. I will list all of the swaddles we use or did try out though. Because even though Luca may have not liked them, I know a lot of people who babies did. 

Love to Dream Swaddle  (zip swaddle that allows their arms to be up  but still swaddles)

Swaddle-Me (Velcro swaddle)

Swaddle-Me  (Zip swaddle)

4. Dockatot

I can't tell y'all enough how much Luca loved his dockatot. We just recently a couple weeks ago transitioned him out of the dockatot because he outgrew it. So now he is using Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep suit. But the smallest size they have for these sleep suits are 3-6 months, so it will not be on this list. But I will be talking about it in the near future because like the name, it is magic. But back to the dockatot.... Luca was a couple days old, and was only sleeping 35 minutes at a time, and this mama was so exhausted. I had to something about it. So I initially bought the dockatot to help transition him from bassinet to crib, but I needed to use it way sooner (also didn't realize he would grow out of it before I put him in his crib.. so glad I started using it sooner). But anyway, I decided to test it out and see if he sleeps better since the dockatot prevents him from rolling/moving from side to side, which is what he was doing before. He instantly started sleeping 3hr increments at a time, and that made this mama shout for joy because I finally started getting a little bit more sleep. We put the docktot in his bassinet, but some people use it for co sleeping. They have many different colors and designs so if we ever have a girl in the future, all I have to buy next time is a different slip cover for it which is great. There is also a bigger size, so if you want to keep having your baby sleep in the dockatot there is that option too. 

5. Pack 'n Play

Okay so from our experience, a bassinet is pointless. Luca now sleeps in the pack 'n play next to our bed, and we have it raised to the highest setting. A bassinet they can only stay in for a very short amount of time before they grow out of it. So whenever they grow out of it, you can't easily fold it down to store away for next baby. Or at least the one we had. So with a pack 'n play you can easily fold it down to nearly nothing, and easily store it away until you need it again. Also with the pack 'n play it can be used whenever they get really mobile, and need them to stay in a certain area to play. We also take the pack 'n play with us when you travel which is so convenient, and it barely takes up any room in the car. We have the Graco one. It has an attachment for a changing station as well. I used it a bunch when he was a newborn because I didn't want the dogs to get to him whenever I was changing him or being around the dirty diapers. (Now I just change him wherever since he is bigger). Also the pack n play that we have, does have a bassinet attachment as well. So I could have used that but we didn't. 

6. Gowns

Yes a definite must have no matter the gender. Those late nights you just want to change your baby's diaper as easy and as fast as possible. You don't have to worry about buttons or zippers which is so nice. We only had a select few gowns for Luca, but I will definitely be mainly getting gowns the next time. When you are sleep deprived, the last thing you want to do is unbutton and then button back their sleeper outfit. There are so many different ones out there as well as gender neutral ones. I will be linking some of my favorites. 

7. Hooded Bath Towel/Bath Apron/Bath Mitt

A lot of people do not mention this in their must haves, but honestly think they are both a definite must have for sure. Now for a little while, you obviously can only give your baby a sponge bath until their umbilical cord falls off. But once it falls off, you can bathe them in water, and that is where a hooded bath towel and bath apron comes into play and comes in handy. Now we started with a dinosaur one from Target because I love dinosaurs, and didn't really know what all was out there. It was cute and that's all I thought about when I put in on my registry. Y'all it is so thin though, and doesn't really absorb all the water when you wrap your baby in it. Which also means it won't keep your little one warm at all if you want to keep them wrap in it for a little while afterwards. So y'all I am telling y'all now what brand is the best in my opinion. 

Moss & Marsh has the best bath essentials. We use their hooded bath towel, bath apron, and bath mitt. All three are terry cloth, and it is thick terry cloth which makes it very absorbent. All three also comes in four different colors and prints. They are coastal themed and super super cute. The bath apron is amazing because I can literally get Luca out of the tub and not get my clothes soaked. WIN WIN!!! The bath mitt is a wash clothe that stays on my hand which makes washing my little man so much easier. Also the great thing about the hooded bath towel is you can use it up to 4 years of age. But that's not all y'all, they just came out with big kid towels, and the towels have pockets for their hands. So awesome!

Here are all four items 

8. Baby Wrap

A body carrier is a must when your baby is like my Luca and does not want to be put down, but you still need to get stuff done. He has been like this since he was a newborn, and we used it quite a bit then as well as now. We love the Solly Baby Wrap. There are so many different prints, and the material so so soft. The company is really sweet, and even have tons of videos out there to show how to properly wear your baby as a newborn and as they grow. The specific print that we have is a limited edition, and is no longer available online. But y'all they just came out with so many fall colors, and I am so in love. I honestly wish I could buy all of them but I don't know if Luca will be able to stay in them much longer the bigger he gets. So people even use the slings but I have never used one. They are highly recommended buy others as well. 

Here is there website: click here

9. Boppy

This is one must have that you can use many different things such as: nursing your babe, tummy time, laying them on it, to hold your baby, etc.  Luca loved sleeping on it, and I obviously watched him while he did, and it was so nice if to put it around me while I was holding him because even though they are quite little as a newborn, they can get heavy if you are holding them for awhile. You can always buy a plain  boppy, and then buy covers in stores or custom ones online. I ordered this custom dinosaur one off amazon but it is also available on etsy. As well as a bunch of other prints. The print in the picture I purchased from Target. 

10. Diapers/Wipes (Duh!)

Even though you are probably thinking, well DUH! I know my baby needs them, I am just stating that these are apart of newborn must haves. But I also figured I would let y'all know the diapers and wipes that we use and work well with Luca. All babies are different, so try out a few diapers before you know which ones you like. We use the Babyganics wipes and we purchase them at Target. We always buy the 800 wipes and they last us for quite a while. We have also tried the Babyganics diapers and like them as well. But our go to diapers are the Up & Up brand at Target. They are cheap and amazing. We also love the Parasol Diapers but they are more expensive and we've only gotten them on occasion. But I would love to do their diaper subscription though. Like how convenient you order the diapers and they come to your door once a month. 

Here is Parasol website. Click here

My breastfeeding experience

September 13, 2018

My journey with breastfeeding has only been 4 months. But I believe I have learned a lot in those 4 months, and want to share with y'all how my experience has been thus far. Now, I know a lot of bloggers typically post about their breastfeeding experience way before 4 months PP (or at least the ones I have read), but I decided to wait so long because I was using a nipple shield to feed Luca. And I honestly at times felt like I was not really breastfeeding. Or enjoying the experience entirely. I felt like I was "fake breastfeeding." Even though he was attached to my breast, the shield was in the way of him getting full contact. So at that point in time, I felt like I couldn't really give any good advice when it came to breastfeeding.

Now I know I would post nursing friendly clothes and items, but it was designed to help y'all and I truly hope it did. It was always so difficult for me to do those posts because I would have to use a nipple shield, and that itself is challenging itself. Plus adding trying to have him latch and take pictures in public at the same time could be really stressful. But I did it. And I did nurse Luca in public every where we went but it took me forever to get situated before I got him to latch.

But, let's rewind to the very beginning, before Luca was born. I always had the mindset that I would breastfeed no matter what. My husband would always say to me, What if it doesn't work? What if something happens and you can't breastfeed? He has heard from so many people the complications and struggles that had with breastfeeding, and reasons that didn't continue nursing their child. But I'm very strong willed, and I told him I don't care what it takes... I will breastfeed our child. (Now I am not by any means trying to mom shame anyone if you formula feed your child. A fed baby is best. This is just my journey and what I had my mind set for). That being said, I took a prenatal breastfeeding class with the lovely Ashley Georgakopolos who runs Genesis Lactation because I wanted to make sure I had all the correct knowledge about breastfeeding, and it would be a successful outcome. 

Thank goodness I took that class because she honestly gave me so much knowledge that I did not know previously. And help me defy between fact and fiction of what I have heard from others about breastfeeding. 

But anyway, she taught us the different BF positions, how newborns automatically know how to find your boob, how to achieve a proper latch, different mouth ties and what to look for, and so much more. I felt like after leaving that class BF was going to be breeze for me, and I wouldn't have any trouble because I thought I knew exactly what to do. Boy was I wrong! 

Fast forward to Luca being born, I instantly wanted to do skin to skin. And I was so thankful I was able to do that right away. They let me nurse him as soon as possible, but he couldn't get a good latch because my nipples weren't stay hard so they handed me a nipple shield. And once I had the nipple shield he nursed like a champ. So I didn't think anything of it at the time. Well, after that first feeding he wasn't latching the greatest and would just scream and cry. And all I could do was self expressed into a spoon and then used a syringe to collect all of the colostrum into it. And that is how I feed Luca for the first two days from a syringe. I was very patient through this whole process because I remembered my LC told me that it could take up to 2 weeks for your milk to come in, and to not to worry since your newborn's stomach is very very tiny. After two days my milk did come in full force, and Luca finally started latching again but I still had to use a nipple shield.

Luca's first doctor's visit was three days after he was born, and the morning of the doctor visit I noticed that his tongue looked to have a tongue tie. So I mentioned to the doctor we saw that day, and another doctor in the practice clipped it right then and there. I figured well that is probably why he can't latch without the nipple shield, so once it was clipped they told me feed him and see if he will latch without the shield. Well he didn't, so I just fed him in the office with the shield and told myself I will try at home later. Well once I got home, I tried a couple of times without the shield and he still wouldn't latch. So I just told myself I guess this is how I am going to feed my child for now on with a nipple shield. And I was okay with that because like I said I wanted to breastfeed him no matter what.

Almost three months PP came and went, and I decided one day that the nipple shield just needs to go, and I was tired of using it. Like I said above, I was breastfeeding in public, and using a nipple shield just make it so much more complicated. Plus Luca was getting bigger and was super frigidity, so getting him and the nipple shield situated was a work out. I was usually sweating by the time I got him to latch, and my hair was always a wreck because I was trying to juggle a nursing cover on top of all of that.

Tongue/Lip Ties 

So I contacted my IBCLC   because I finally let myself ask for help instead of trying to figure it out by myself. So Ashley came to rescue and reassured me of all my questions and concerns about my breastfeeding experience thus far.

When she arrived at my home, I told her that Luca did have a tongue tie but they clipped it after a couple days of him being born, but I also mentioned to her that he may have a lip tie as well. But the doctor I mentioned it to said it wasn't anything and that most babies have some sort of lip tie but as long as he is eating and growing just fine it is nothing to worry about. Which Luca was growing like he should so the doctor blew it off. Well Ashley took one look, and confirmed that he did in fact have a lip tie, and it needed to be removed ASAP! Not only will it cause problems with latching now, but can cause other issues later done the road the older he gets. During our session, we once again couldn't get Luca to latch without the shield. She told me this was normal as he is very use to the shield now, and it's going to be work to break him from that habit. She gave me pointers on as to how to get him off of it. My IBCLC also told that it could take up to 2 weeks to break him from it so I needed to mentally prepare myself because I just mentioned it can be a challenge to break him from it.

Now keep in mind, the reason I thought he had some sort of mouth tie is because every time I tried to break him from and he latched a little bit without the shield, it would hurt so bad to the point I had to curl my toes in excruciating pain. At first, I thought well maybe it is because I haven't nursed him really without the shield so maybe my nipples aren't use to it. But then I realized in the prenatal class she told us it shouldn't hurt, and if it does hurt then something is wrong.

So my IBCLC did confirm that he a lip tie, but she also confirmed that his tongue tie reattached. I repeat his tongue reattached. Like what the heck? I didn't even know that was possible. But the doctor also didn't tell me that I had to do exercises to the area for 3 weeks so it doesn't reattached. Like are you kidding me how do you forget to tell someone that?

Also side note: do you see the indention in Luca's head in the picture above? Yes.. Me too! That is actually caused by him not being able to latch properly from the mouth ties. And yes my IBCLC told me that. Not the freakin doctor. I just give all the praise to Ashley for real. She also told me because of his tongue tie he is not able to allow for the milk to always go done the right way. So that explains why he was spitting up a lot.. I mean a lot of his food because he wasn't able to keep it down. So seriously, after he had the procedures done. He rarely spits up anymore. 

But anyway, this time I went to one of the specialist that my IBCLC referred me too, and set up a consultation with them to evaluate his mouth ties. On evaluation that instantly confirmed he did in fact have a tongue tie and lip tie. So I told them to go ahead and do the procedure because I knew it had to be done. Now some doctors do a laser and some use some sort of device and clip it. They honestly did it so fast, and I wasn't really looking so I have no idea which technique that they performed. But either way they warned us there would be a lot of blood. And they were right. I had to feed him instantly afterwards to help stop the bleeding, and I tried to see if he would latch without but he was so upset that I just used the shield again.

Recovery from procedure

Pictures below are of his before and after the procedure. And wow! The big difference just amazes me.

Look how far he can open his mouth now. Before his mouth was so restricted which caused him from having difficulties latching. The picture below shows the different in his upper lip.

After the procedure, it was time to recover and hopefully move towards having successful breastfeeding experience. We were advised to do the recommend exercises for 3 weeks, at least 5x a times a day. 

*I am not going to put the exact exercises we did for Luca on here, because I am not a specialist and I am only telling y'all that there are exercises you need to do. That being said, I would highly suggest seeing a specialist if you have any concern that your child has any type of tie. 

My IBCLC warned me that the third day would be the worst, which I honestly didn't believe her. The first two days weren't bad at all. But like she said the third and fourth day was the worst. Luca was so upset all day long, and wouldn't latch at all even with the nipple shield. So for my sanity I gave him a bottle which thankfully he took. So on a near breakdown, I had to call my lactation consultant for comfort and advice because I was about to loose my mind. 

She told me the reason it was worse these days is because the areas are starting to bruise which makes complete sense. So I started giving him Tylenol to help with the pain. Once I gave him that he was back to nursing again but only with a nipple shield still. After a week of heeling, I started really working with him to not have to use the nipple shield. So every time, I would see if he would latch without it, and if he didn't I would use the shield again. But half way through I would remove the shield. And if he got so upset, I would put the shield back on. This went on for almost three weeks and until finally he latched for a second and I started bawling my eyes out because for a split second I felt like a success and not a failure in the breastfeeding department. (See picture below--I had to document this wonderful/powerful moment). 

{We had a check up at the specialist and he said that everything was healing up nicely, and that the ties should only come back 10% which is not much at all.}

Breastfeeding Success

I sent this picture to my lactation consultant as soon as I took it because it was the first time Luca stayed latched after me taking away the nipple shield. This was at little bit over the three week mark from his procedure. So yes she told me it could take up to 2 weeks to get him weened, but in reality since he was 3 months old when I began to wean him I figured it would take way longer since he was so use to it. So that weekend, we were heading to Charlotte, NC for the TN vs. WVU game. So I continued to do the routine of weaning and by that weekend he was completely off the nipple shield. The whole weekend in Charlotte, I didn't have to use the shield at all. So it took a month to get him completely off of it. But I am so glad he is finally off of it and I no longer have to use it. So now it has been almost two weeks of breastfeeding without a nipple shield, and y'all not once has it hurt. Yes has been sore, and split second had discomfort but not pain. 

So to any of y'all that are struggling with breastfeeding, you got this!! You really do! Our bodies are truly amazing, but get some help way before I did. Because I really want each and every one of you to have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience. My goal is a year to BF by baby, and I can now say I enjoy breastfeeding. And let me tell ya it is so much easier to BF in public!!!!


**Some of y'all sent in questions about BF and mouth ties, so my IBCLC answered them for y'all!! I hope it helps! 

-How did you know your son had a tongue and lip tie? Signs to look for? Luca could only nurse with a shield, so luckily his mother reached out. Baby should have the ability to nurse directly from the mother, and if not, there’s red flag number one. Pain, as in rawness and pinching, feelings of dread upon attachment, is a sign the latch is restricted. It could be something as simple as positioning, but if it doesn’t go away, it’s time to look for ties. Popping and clicking sounds, dimpling cheeks while feeding, and “Maggie Simpson” suckle (shallow, pursing suckling) are signs that you can notice from the outside. -Is breastfeeding supposed to hurt? Pain is one thing, discomfort is another. And she may feel a slight discomfort as they’re getting used to the sensation as well as perfecting comfortable positioning. Positioning is very important, as any space between mom and baby, twisting of the baby, can make a difference between a great latch and a shallow one, an uncomfortable or comfortable one. But if positioning is on point, and restriction of the mouth is preventing a deep latch, the baby is now nipple feeding not breastfeeding- huge difference! That can be very painful when the nipple stays along the ridge of doom (the gums) Pain is not the norm, and there’s another red flag. -How do you know if your baby is getting enough milk? By day 4, your baby should be having six or more wet diapers a day, and several poopy diapers. There’s the first way of telling. What goes in must come out! Watch baby. Baby act relaxed after feeding? Look at his or her hands. Are they still in balled little fists? If so, your baby is resting, but get ready for round two and switch sides to feed again. Are they still this way after feeding from both sides? If so your baby may be struggling to feed efficiently. Cluster feeding is not a sign necessarily that they are not getting enough milk in there with phases of this throughout the first year, but especially at week 2 to off and on through four months of age. Pumping should never be used as a reflection of supply! Your baby is your best reflection. If you need immediate gratification, a Lactation consultant brings a scale to check before and after feeds for number of ounces in! -I have an appointment on Thursday for O to have his tongue tie clipped he will be 14 weeks. Is there anything I need in preparation or to ease his discomfort? Go ahead and look up stretching, and be doing that before the operation if possible! After care is very important, as well, along with continuing those stretches to prevent re-attachment. It is also highly recommended to follow up with the lactation consultant, as revisions are not the fix all, but the step to the right direction. There is a real learning aspect to be aware of, as baby has been nursing incorrectly up to this point of correction. Whether you use infant Tylenol or natural remedies such as Pumpkin butt teething oil, have something ready for both before and after the procedure for pain management. -Could my son’s tongue tie be causing his upset and irritability to nap during the day? Absolutely. Tongue ties are more than just having issues with eating. The tongue rests in the palate/roof of mouth when relaxed, or at least it should. When the tongue is restricted, it is being pulled down to the bottom of the mouth. This usually results in mouth breathing, which has a domino effect on health, but especially with sleep! It’s also causes a buildup in saliva, which gets swallowed, so gas and upset tummies can definitely be a sign.


*Giveaway information & how to enter is at the bottom of this post!!*

Today I am going to be talking about how truly important it is to have a healthy mouth. Proper oral hygiene can allow for so many health benefits to take place in your life. As improper oral hygiene will cause so many health issues which is crazy think about. Most people take their oral health for granted. Our month is pretty much a window into the health of our bodies. It can show anywhere from general infection to nutritional deficiencies. As well as systemic diseases (which affect the entire body), can first show signs in your mouth which is insane.

I use to just blow off my oral health and put it to the side. I even went probably about 3 years without going to the dentist here recently. And that is a big no no.  I figured I brush my teeth everyday and I am busy with everything else I don't really have time anyway. Wrong! Always find time to go to the dentist your oral hygiene is so so important.

I finally made an important at the dentist, and my gums were so inflamed from postpartum and not going to the dentist in forever. They diagnosed me with gingivitis, and actually had to break up my cleaning in two different dentists visits. So embarrassing, but now I know to not skip dentist visits, and go more frequently so I won't have that problem again. After the first visit, I went and bought a water pick because let's be honest I am horrible at flossing and they said a water pick was the next best thing.

Then the seas parted and angels were singing down to me because at the perfect timing to getting my oral health back in gear, Smile Brilliant reached out to me about their new electric tooth brush. Never in my life have I used one before but I have heard from so many people how amazing they are. But to be honest, I would always think what is go great about an electric toothbrush, my regular one works just fine. I was so wrong, an electric toothbrush cleans my teeth and gums way way way better than a normal tooth brush and I don't think I will ever go back to using a regular one. Their Caripro Ultrasonic Toothbrush is life changing in my opinion.

The company states that, "Smile Brilliant has expanded beyond teeth whitening to develop the cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush – our first step to becoming your overall oral care solution. Same quality, better features.. The cariPRO Ultrasonic offers optimal performance for half the price of a comparable electric toothbrush. Our on-staff dental hygienists ensure that affordability doesn’t sacrifice the highest quality standards and features. Our mission is simple: provide truly transparent and complete oral care."

Pretty great right?

But there's more.... The toothbrush has 5 different settings. Yes 5! My main two settings I love to use are the clean and gum care settings especially since the dental hygienist said I need to really clean and take care of my gums. There is also a whitening setting, massage setting, and sensitive teeth setting. My teeth have never been sensitive, for example, I always bite my Popsicles which my makes my husband so mad haha! His teeth are so sensitive, so that sensitive setting would be perfect for him.

What comes in the box??

  • The cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush of course! The toothbrush has 40,000 vibrations, 30 day battery life on full charge, water proof and is safe for shower and bath, auto interval smart timer---Each brushing mode is designed to operate for two minutes, with brief pauses between each 30 second burst. That brief pause tells you to move to a different quadrant of the mouth. 
  • 2 premium brush heads with tongue scraper. You can also buy extra brush heads as well. 
  • 1 wireless induction charger dock which has no exposed metals. It charges by setting brush on dock. 
  • Full 2-year warranty. 

My specific toothbrush I have is from their individual package. Smile Brilliant offers three different packages. The two other ones that they offer are the deluxe package and couple package. 

The dental hygienist explained to me in detail about how important oral health is, and what they did too my teeth during both dental appointments. They performed a deep scaling both times, and I actually had to have topical numbing cream for them to do it. I mean they scrap the inside of your gums to make sure get all the nasty stuff that has been stuck in there. TMI I know, but I want to be raw and real with y'all about my oral health journey. The hygienist explained to me that she was pulling out gravel like substances. She mentioned it's like falling on gravel and the gravel getting stuck to your knee. Same thing with eating food, it sticks to your gums and embeds in there making it very hard to get out unless you brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis. As well as go to regular dental appointments. Even though insurance companies have you go every 6 months, it is actually best to go every 3 months due to the rate of bacterial growth increases after 90 days. And the rate of potency of the immune system decreases then as well.

Lastly, it is best to actually focuses on the space around every tooth when brushing instead of just the teeth. My dentist calls the space the ditch, and that is where the bacteria builds up. So I have been really focusing on those areas and can tell a world of a difference in my oral health. My friend actually told me this past weekend how she noticed how healthier my teeth and gums look. My gums are less inflamed and no longer red.

I highly suggest this toothbrush! And is something I will continue to use in my oral health journey.

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