Truly Custom Invitations by Basic Invite

Sometimes it can be challenging picking out the perfect invitation for an event, especially for graduation. You just finished one of the hardest and most rewarding times of your life, and you want to show off those graduation pictures the best way possible. That being said, there are so many invite website out there, and it can be quite overwhelming due to so many choices to choose from. Well y'all, I am here to tell you today that I found a website that has truly custom invites with almost unlimited colors, custom samples, over 40 different colors of envelopes, address capturing service, and stunning foil cards.

Today I am doing something I typically don’t do over on my blog, but I have started to really enjoy styling pieces together here lately. Once again, I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger, even though I love fashion. I’m here show you though that anyone can style pieces together easily, and still be trendy at the same time. Learning how to style several pieces in your closet can help you save so much money too. I usually don’t like wearing the same outfit over and over again close together. I’ll maybe wait a month or so until I wear the same outfit again. But the three pieces I have styled today will allow me to be an outfit repeater more often :) So the three pieces I styled from Lizard Thicket boutique are the studded booties, white sweater, and the cheetah print dress. Disclaimer: You will obviously need other items to accessorize or complete the look but I’m sure you have these items in your closet too. The other items needed: Jeans or shorts, belt, wedges or sandals, and earrings.