Three Easy & Healthy Lunch Ideas:
+Oatmeal with fruit
+Meal Plan Service
+Avocado with egg sandwich

Since I am on my current postpartum weight loss journey, I wanted to share with y'all what I have been eating everyday for lunch. I typically rotate between the three unless I am really craving
Chick-fil-a that day! hehe ;) But for real, they are all healthy and easy to make. 

Oatmeal with fruit

What You'll Need:
3 Strawberries 
Half Banana
Organic Steel Cut Oats
Pure Maple Syrup
Almond or Coconut Milk
Medium sized saucepan
Mixing Spoon
Measuring Cup

Instructions (Only takes 15 minutes to make)
1. Grab your measuring cup, and pour one cup of water into the pan. 
Then two cups of either almond milk or coconut milk.

2. Bring your liquids to a boil

3. Once your liquids are boiling, pour in one cup of the steel cut oats

4. Reduce heat to low, and set timer for 15 minutes. 

5. Either cover with lid or not (your preference). Stir occasionally

6. Once timer is done, take pan off the heat, and let cool down for a couple minutes
(this will allow for the oatmeal to thicken up a little more)

7. Add pure maple syrup (this is too taste-but don't over do it). 
Only ingredient used to sweeten oatmeal.

8. Cut up three strawberries and half a banana to top it off.

9. ENJOY! :)

Meal Plan Service

I use the meal prep service called Clean Eatz (this is not sponsored). They are located in North & South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Washington D.C, and Illinois. I would definitely check them out if they are in your area. They send out their meal plan menus out at the beginning of each week, and you have until Sunday night to order your meals for the following week. I usually just choose 5 meals, and either eat them for lunch or dinner. They state on their website, "Our goal is to give you the tools needed by preparing properly portioned sized meals with a balance of protein, carbs, and fats. Our meals eliminate the guessing, temptation, and lack of being prepared due to a busy lifestyle. Clean Eatz Meal Plans offers you the opportunity to have a personal chef prepare every meal for you at a cost you can afford. " So this busy mama enjoys the convenience of these meals so much. They are healthy and super yummy too. 

Today's lunch choice:

Cheesy Beef & Macaroni
They call this one the Clean Helper. Whole-wheat penne pasta mixed with lean beef and low-sodium cheese sauce. I just pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds, and it's ready to eat.

Calories: 400 Fat: 16g Carbs: 34g Protein: 30g 

You can also do special requests such as: Half carb, no carb, gluten free, and more veggies 

3. Avocado and Egg Sandwich

What You'll Need
Half an avocado
1 egg
2 slices of Ezekiel bread of choice
Seasoning of choice 
(I went with everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe's)

Instructions (Only takes 5-8 minutes)

1. First toast your two slices of Ezekiel bread.

2. While the bread is toasting, start cooking your egg in a skillet. 
This can be to your liking.
I love mine a little runny

3. While the egg is cooking, slice your avocado in half 
and scrap out the side of the avocado without the seed first. 
Tip: After cutting the avocado leave the seed in.
Then put the peeling back over, and store in the refrigerator. 
This will help it not to turn brown as quick. 
Thanks mom for that trick!

4. Spread the half of avocado on one piece of toast.

5. Add egg on top after it is done cooking. 

6. Add a little bit of seasoning on top of egg. 

7. Add other slice of bread on top


Hope y'all enjoy! xoxo

Y'all I have been wanting to do this blog post for forever now. I haven't really seen any info on it, so I thought it would be really helpful for those wanting to go to Disney but weary if it would be fun for them. Disclaimer: I am absolutely obsessed with all things Disney. We go to Disney World every year, and took Luca for the first time last year at almost 6 months old. He had a blast, I had a blast, the whole trip was just so much fun as always. 

Today I am going to be telling y'all 5 ways ADULTS can have fun at Disney World. Yes prior to Luca we would go every year, and we had the greatest time ever. So I am going to be shedding some light today as to how in the world we have so much fun.

1. Dressing Up

Yes we dress up. May not be for you but I promise you if you embrace Disney in some sort of way while you are there your inner child will come out. Depending on how many days we are there, depends on how many fun outfits I plan for. The outfits can be anywhere from just t shirts to character inspire skirts etc. I've made some of the t-shirts in the past, had someone make t-shirts for me, and just bought t-shirts off Amazon. I typically starting planning for what characters or themed outfits I want to wear the day after I leave to go back home from Disney! haha! Yes I am that committed. If there is a group of you, it is so fun to do a group themed outfits. You all can choose characters from a Disney movie, or even get matching t shirts made. There is no limit to what you can create as an outfit as long as its modest and you aren't looking exactly like a Disney princess when you walk into the parks. Also when you dress up as certain characters, you can look to see where those characters are for the day, and go take pictures with them. No, children aren't the only ones that do this, adults can too! The characters love it as well. Here are some of our outfits from past Disney World trips. (leaving the outfits with Luca off of this post {even though they are cute} since its only about Adults having fun ;))


Yes do what adults love to do, and drink.. eat.. and enjoy yourself. Disney World actually has some amazing drinks, and their food is pretty dang good too. All the parks serve alcohol except Magic Kingdom. The only place, that I am aware of, that sells alcohol in Magic Kingdom is the Be Our Guest restaurant. Which that restaurant is so amazing inside. Highly recommend eating there for the experience. The food is average there though in my opinion. Also it is a lot cheaper to eat there if you go there for lunch instead of dinner.

This park is mainly designed for adults which is pretty awesome. 11 countries are represented at Epcot. One thing we always try to do is drink around the world. We get a different drink at each country. Spoiler: We have never made it completely around. We usually start way too late, and the park closer. haha! So our goal is to get there early for once in the future. Another awesome thing about Epcot is that the people working in each country is actually from that country. How cool right? Makes it very authentic.

My favorite drink in Epcot is in China:
Mango Gingerita 

Favorite places to eat in Epcot:
Liberty Inn
La Cantina de San Angel 
Tutto Italia Ristorante 

Magic Kingdom
Yes this park is mainly designed for kiddos, but adults can still have fun there as well. As I mentioned earlier, the only restaurant I'm aware of the serves alcohol there is the Be Our Guest restaurant. 

Favorite Drink at Magic Kingdom:
Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen

Favorite Places to eat at Magic Kingdom:
Be Our Guest

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Hollywood Studios
This park is a blast. They have Toy Story land now, and will have Star Wars land open this fall. So pumped about that! This park use to be geared towards adults, but now they are adding new additions to make it kid friendly as well. 

Favorite Drink at Hollywood Studios 

Minute Maid Frozen Alcoholic Lemonade at Dockside Diner. Dockside Diner has amazing specialty drinks on their menu as well. Such as: Kahlua and Cream Milkshake, Patron Platinum Margiriata, and Blue long island iced tea.

Fairfax Fare also has some good drinks there as well. 

Favorite Place to eat at Hollywood Studios 
Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. You sit in old timey cars, and it looks like you are at a drive in eating. So cool! Their wings are amazing!

Animal Kingdom
I know some people don't really care for this park, but I love it y'all. And they have some really tasty foods and drinks available which is a big big plus for us adults. ;)

Favorite Drink at Animal Kingdom
Triple Yeti hands down!!!!!!!! 
You can get the triple yeti at Warung Outpost in Asia. 

Favorite Place to eat at Animal Kingdom
Dinobites Snacks.
I actually haven't gotten to eat in Animal Kingdom. 
So give me recommendations of what y'all love there. 

3. Ride Rides

I mean that is pretty much common sense right? But I just wanted to through this in there, but I honestly think Disney World has some of the best rides! I love them all (besides maybe two I won't ride haha)

Hollywood Studios Favorite Rides:

Tower of Terror
Star Tours
Toy Story Mania
Slinky Dash Roller Coaster (still haven't gotten to ride it yet, but it looks like so much fun)

Magic Kingdom:

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Space Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Buzz Lightyear 


Test Track

Animal Kingdom:

Primeval Whirl
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Avatar Flight of Passage (still have't gotten to ride it yet, but I've heard only good things about it).

Also, I can't  stress this enough... Using fast passes will save you a lot of stress, and allow for you to have a much better time. And be able to ride all of the rides you want to. As soon as you buy your tickets, book your fast passes as soon as possible. If you are staying on Disney property, you can book your fast passes 60 days before arrival (highly recommend doing this). If you are staying off property, you can book fast passes 30 days before arrival. You can get three fast passes a day at one park. So once you finish using those fast passes, you can choose three more. 

4. Use the Park Hopper Option

The park hopper will allow you to visit multiple parks in one day, and go in and out of the parks as much as you want. Depending on the closing times of the parks, depends on which parks we decide to go to that day. So if one park is staying open until midnight, we will go to a park that closes early in the morning, and spend all night at the other park. This would be perfect for Magic Kingdom or Epcot. 


I am not going to go into much detail with this one because I will have another blog post coming out with tips to have a stress free trip to Disney World. But for real y'all plan ahead. We usually start planning a year in advance. Now if you are unable to do that far in advance, or decide to go last minute that is fine too. But before even entering the parks kind of plan out your day. Going with the flow when you get to a park can actually result in a stressful day. You can't really go with the flow because you will be standing in long lines and it can be really crowded. Plan everything from what parks you are going to what day, make dinning reservations, and book your fast passes. Especially make dinning reservations prior because if not you will be waiting hours to be seated at a restaurant. 

I have been on the hunt for some products that would help make feeding my little guy easier, and less messy. From cleaning up to being functional, three Nuby products have done just that for me. As I have started gradual weaning with Luca, I have been wanting something that will help keep the food in one area rather than spread out all over the highchair tray. And I honestly think Luca was so overwhelmed seeing some many food options spread out. With the products I will be talking about in this blog post, it helps keep them sectioned off, and Luca seems to prefer that so much better. 

1. Sure Grip Feeding Bowl

During this meal, I was feeding Luca broccoli mixed in sweet potatoes. So this bowl was perfect. Luca loves grabbing anything he can get his hands on, so having this type of bowl avoids so many messes. The Sure Grip Feeding Bowl is an integrated suction bowl, and has non-slip base that sticks to flat surfaces. It is 100% silicone which is great because it wipes clean, and is also dishwasher safe. Another bonus is that it is microwave and dishwasher safe! Hallelujah! And don't worry it is also BPA free and PVC Phthalate free. These bowls come in three different colors (Blue, Aqua, & Red), and can be purchased on Nuby's website. Great thing they are only $8.99! 

Purchase here:

2. Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate 

Ok y'all this plate is amazing, and oh so cute. Luca is still not eating full meals but like I said above I like sectioning off the food which I believe he prefers. I also think it makes his brain work more because he has to decide which section he wants to grab from first. Kind of like a puzzle right? haha! For this meal I gave him a half of a banana, and half of a half of an avocado (did you catch that? Confusing I know). I tried to put the fruit further away since he tends to grab whats closer to him first. 

The Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate has an integrated section plate, and a nonslip base sticks to flat surfaces. The plate and the placemat is all in one. Since it is silicone as well, it wipes clean, and is also dishwasher safe. (Not microwave safe.. Just FYI). The plate is BPA & PVC Free. The plate comes in four different colors & 3 animals. We went with the monkey one because my nickname my dad gave me when I was little was monk monk. So now I have my own little monkey, and thought it fit perfectly. The four colors are blue, aqua, red, and green. The three animals are elephant, monkey, and koala. 

You can purchase the plates here:
Nuby (All the options)
Walmart (The exact one we have)

3. EZ Squee-z

Lastly, I am going to be talking about this amazing food dispenser. I either let Luca pick up the banana with his hand and eat itt that way or I will put the banana in a dispenser. With the dispenser, it is less messy on their hands and easy for them to keep holding in their hand. Meaning less likely for it to drop on the ground since they have a better grip. I have tried a few other food dispensers with Luca, but this one is so neat. You can obviously fit a lot of food in there, and once they finish what is at the top, they (but really me) can push more food up to the top. 

The EZ Squee-z is a soft silicone food dispenser with a bulb shaped feeding pouch at the end that releases pureed and semisolid foods. There are  pressure sensitive values in the feeding pouch. This allows for babies as early as 3 months old to have a safe feeding experience. The values on the feeding pouch prevents drips and spills. It is also BPA free. 

You can purchase the food dispenser here:

I hope this will help y'all have an easier eating experience with your babe, and a less messy one too. I will be bringing these for now on all of my travels, and to restaurants. 

Follow Nuby on all of their social media outlets!

**I received these products for a review, but all opinions are my own. 

New Year. New Me! Year after year I usually set resolutions but never stick to them. My resolution last year was to birth my child, and become a mama. Not really a resolution someone would typically say but I never stick to my resolutions year after year so I figured... well that will happen so... that's what I'm sticking to haha! But this year is different. Very different! One being I don't work a regular 9-5 job anymore, and I can finally set goals for myself physically, financially, and business wise... I wasn't truly able to before. And now I have a very strong urge to get back in shape or at least better shape than I am now. I do this all for my son, hubby, family, and to connect with y'all. And I'm so blessed to be able to do this thing as my job! There are so many exciting projects ahead (happening soon) that I can't wait to share with y'all. If it's a hit it can really take my business to the next level. Which means John and I wouldn't have to stress about money anymore. Isn't that what we all want is to not stress about money? Well this year my goal is to make it not a stressor anymore. Pay off debt, travel more, and spend more time with family and friends. Life is too short so why not live it how you want to right?

So let's dive deeper in what I will be doing to implement some of those resolutions I just mentioned above. 

Become Physically Fit (For me)

Meaning, my goal is not to gain abs by the end of this year, but to be fit, healthy, and the best "version" of myself. I started a 12 week program the other day through SWEAT app, and can't wait to follow this program out and see what my results will be like when I'm finished. I will also be doing Barre classes as well.

I have also started eating healthier. For breakfast and lunch, I eat the same thing every day. 

Breakfast: Protein smoothie and protein shake. I love the Boobie Body protein powder. It is non dairy, vegan, organic, kosher, gluten-free, non gmo, helps boost your milk supply, contains no sugar, and many other wonderful benefits. And bonus it is super yummy. For protein bars, I eat the cliff bars. I always the pack of 12. 

Lunch: Either steel cut oats sweetened with pure maple syrup or avocado egg sandwich on Ezekiel bread. 

Dinner: This is where I typically don't eat the healthiest but I am definitely getting better. One thing I have been doing is eating Clean Eatz. They have meal plans, and come out with different meals every Sunday which is when you order for the week. On Monday is when you would pick them up. Unlike typical "meal prepping," you are able to eat different portioned out meals every day. Bonus they are super yummy and tasty. Also they have the option for you to order food at their cafe, and y'all their "nachos" are seriously the best ever. The nachos are sweet potato chips, topped with shredded beef, guacamole, salsa, pepper and onions. So good!!!! Highly recommend if you have one in your area. 

Once spring time rolls back around, I am going to start getting back into walking with Luca like we did the first three months of his life. I highly enjoyed taking him on walks at one of our local parks here. 

No more financial burden

When you read this you are probably thinking oh lord she has gotten into network marketing again. But no no I haven't. Kuddos to those who have made a living doing that, but it is not for me. Since starting blogging, being a virtual assistant, and a IG growth strategist, I have started a steady income where I can contribute to bills and life stuff every month, and take some of that burden off of my husband. Which I know he appreciates haha! But with all of my business endeavors, I am able to continue to grow my income, and set my own goals. Pretty much the sky is limit and there is not a cap with how much I can make. Hard work will pay off if you keep on keeping on. That being said, none of this will come easy, and never in my life have I taken the easy way of anything. I always fight hard for what I want but always with the best intentions. 

At one point during undergrad I was working part time, doing clinicals, taking 7 classes at once, and having a social life. It was tough but I did it. For graduate school, I was going to school full time, working full time, pregnant near the end (so sick during it all), and graduated with honors. I am not saying any of this to brag but to show y'all anything you put your mind to you are able to achieve. Never ever give up. Never listen to those people that put you down or not make you feel worth it. Because in high school, yes I cheered competitively. but I had so many insecurities and health issues that held me back from a lot of things. One being having petite mal seizures. Having epilepsy affected my memory and it was very hard for me to remember things. As years went on they slowly starting going away, and now I no longer have them. But I remember at the time, feeling like a weirdo and feeling like I could never be successful because of it. 

So here's to hustling this year, and continue to making connections with all of y'all out there. I am so beyond pumped to see what this year holds. Last year was pretty amazing, but I feel like this year will be even more amazing. 

Here's to many adventures with Luca, traveling as a family or even who knows maybe by myself with friends. Here's to being a happy, finding time to spend  quality with my hubby, grow closer to Christ, and loving on my sweet Luca all day every day. 

I could go on and on about my resolutions this year, but for now I am going to stop. Let me know what y'all's resolutions/goals are for this year. I would love to know!