Let’s be honest y’all, our life is crazy busy over here, and barely have time to sit down. We have our hand fulls with our little toddler Luca, two pups, building a house, and the list goes on. But even with this busy life we love, it won’t stop us from wanting to have a vacation in any possible way we can. The best option for us  was a staycation in our hometown, Knoxville. We searched high and low for the best place to stay as a family, and y’all the Tennessean hotel did not disappoint. I am so beyond happy we chose to stay there. Thank you again to the Tennessean hotel for hosting us during our stay.

We stayed two nights, and honestly wish we could have stayed more. We ended up not being able to do everything we wanted, since our nephew was born and had to go give him some lovins and meet him of course.  But cuddling in bed with my two boys, and watching movies was probably my favorite thing we did that whole weekend there. It felt like we were away from the hustle and bustle, even though we were not very far from home.

The first night we got there really late, so not much was explored expect for sleeping away in their comfy beds. Y’all seriously their beds are so comfortable, and that’s because they have pillow top mattresses. Best sleep ever! For real though!

When we woke up in the morning, we ordered in room dining and it was so good. We actually put our order on the door hanger the night before, and they picked it up in the morning. That was so nice and convenient because with Luca, the last thing I have time to do is sit down and order food, and wait for it to come. So we picked a time for the food to arrive which was 8:00 am (when Luca eats breakfast), and it came right on time. When Luca is ready to eat.. he’s ready to eat. Haha!

After breakfast, we had to enjoy and take in the beautiful view. Both mornings we stayed at the Tennessean Hotel, we took our time getting ready for the day, and snuggled in bed. This was seriously the best staycation ever. 

Not only was it the best staycation ever, but it is in the best location ever in Knoxville. The Tennessean Hotel is in the heart of downtown Knoxville. Which is in walking distances to many restaurants, attractions, and shopping. If you want to stay like a local, the market square farmer’s market or maple hall bowling alley I highly recommend. It is in close walking distance to market square (which has tons of shopping, bars, and restaurants), gay street, and the old city. The nice part about this hotel is that you can visit with the hotel’s concierge service team to get the best suggestions on eateries in Knoxville. If you are family like us trying to find activities the whole family can enjoy the Muse, McClung Museum, and Museum of Art are just a few minutes away. You can actually walk to the Museum of Art, and there is a wooden play ground across the street from the Museum that is so cool. I remember playing on it when I was little.

 The Smokey mountains are also nearby with less than a 2 hour drive. The University of Tennessee campus is also in walking distance from the hotel. Vol fans, like us, can stay during game day weekend and walk to Neyland Stadium or Thompson Bowling Arena. As being located in the heart of downtown Knoxville, there are many more activities and places to see that are nearby. Their concierge service team would be happy to help suggest activities as well.

And if you are like me, you are constantly looking for great photo op spots, which you are in luck with this hotel's location. There are so many near the hotel. World's fair park is in the hotel's backyard with a bridge that is right over it. That is where we took all of our pictures outside that weekend. Of course there are plenty other photo ops in walking distances as well. 

The Tennessean Hotel has so many wonderful amenities, and their lobby is so beautiful. Even their bathrooms in the lobby are stunning. 

The Tennessean hotel offers a wide range of amenities to suit every guest that stays with them. They offer concierge services, Butler services upon request, turn down service, black car service upon request, in room dining, fitness center, business center, Tesla high power charges, dog friendly, and more. They also offer ADA amenities that are available as well. The Tennessean Hotel is dog friendly and will accommodate dogs up to 50 lbs. A non refundable $100 is required per stay. There is even a dog park next to the parking garage for your furry friend. How cool is that right?

The Tennessean Hotel offers many different packages and deals to best suite each guest that stays with them. The Tennessean is currently ranked #17 best hotel in the South on Condé Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Awards 2019. Receive 15% savings on any room type through December 30, 2019. Guests can create a unique experience during their stay with Hops and Hearts. The package includes a backstage beer tour of four local Knoxville breweries. The package also includes 15% off their stay, valet parking, and daily breakfast for two in the Drawing Room. John and I are definitely coming back to do the Hops and Hearts package for sure. They sound like such a fun couple staycation "getaway." Many other specials are currently advertised on their website at www.thetennesseanhotel.com. Visit my Instagram for a tour of our room if you missed it, and head to my buzzfeed article explaining how amazing this hotel is in more detail. :) 

This is the second “episode” ,if you will, of my new blog series:  Dress for Less. I happened to walk into American Eagle this past weekend, and just had to try on some outfits for y’all. They are currently having 25% sale going on using code: FALLNEW. The last day to use the code is today, 10/7/19. Without the code one outfit went over $100, but with the code it is well under the price point. Unfortunately, with Americans Eagle they did not have really any shoes to choose from in the store. There are a bunch online, but unfortunately not in the price range. Therefore, this episode is just showing an outfit without shoes. So ladies, go in your closet and find a pair of booties, and they will look so good with any of these outfits I am about to show you. :)




Have ever been on a budget or currently trying to stay on a budget? Raise your hand if you are like me, and always want to be conscious of what you are spending your money on. Well if any of those apply to you... you have came to right spot. This series is brand new on blog, and I will be taking y’all to different stores showing how you can dress for less under a certain amount. Now each week the amount may be different, so follow me on my Instagram page to vote weekly as to what amount y’all want me to find a complete outfit for to show y’all. Last week I asked y’all how much you typically spend on a complete outfit, and most of y’all choose $100 with $75 coming in second. So here we are with find a complete outfit for under $100 at Target.

I have found 5 complete outfits at Target, and I will link every piece that is pictured below the picture. Where should I go next week? I’m thinking Walmart? But let me know on Instagram or comment on this blog post.

Similar Tanks: Tank 1//Tank 2

Let me know which outfit is your favorite? I think mine is by far the graphic tee over the cheetah dress :) Stay tuned for next week's post. 

xoxo Megan 

Kentucky Derby Event

July 21, 2019

Outfit Details//
Dress (similar)/Hat/Shoes

A night out with my East Tennessee Boss Babes, and my hubby was truly a night I won't forget. There was laughter, drinking, good times, and a night of relaxation for all of us that are parents haha! Our event was hosted at the beautiful Dara's Gardens in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Truly Custom Invitations by Basic Invite

Sometimes it can be challenging picking out the perfect invitation for an event, especially for graduation. You just finished one of the hardest and most rewarding times of your life, and you want to show off those graduation pictures the best way possible. That being said, there are so many invite website out there, and it can be quite overwhelming due to so many choices to choose from. Well y'all, I am here to tell you today that I found a website that has truly custom invites with almost unlimited colors, custom samples, over 40 different colors of envelopes, address capturing service, and stunning foil cards.

Today I am doing something I typically don’t do over on my blog, but I have started to really enjoy styling pieces together here lately. Once again, I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger, even though I love fashion. I’m here show you though that anyone can style pieces together easily, and still be trendy at the same time. Learning how to style several pieces in your closet can help you save so much money too. I usually don’t like wearing the same outfit over and over again close together. I’ll maybe wait a month or so until I wear the same outfit again. But the three pieces I have styled today will allow me to be an outfit repeater more often :) So the three pieces I styled from Lizard Thicket boutique are the studded booties, white sweater, and the cheetah print dress. Disclaimer: You will obviously need other items to accessorize or complete the look but I’m sure you have these items in your closet too. The other items needed: Jeans or shorts, belt, wedges or sandals, and earrings.

I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone who came out to surprise my Nana for her 90th birthday, it was truly so special for us and most definitely for her. 

When my Aunt KK, told me we should have a surprise birthday party for my Nana, I instantly thought of doing a Mickey Mouse theme. The reason being is because Mickey Mouse turned 90 years just 4 months prior. So it was only fitting right? But of course wanted to go away from the traditional red and white polka dots, and black or the red, white, and yellow theme. My Nana is very girly, and loves to match from head to toe.

My son, Luca, has almost 6 teeth now, and let me tell you....finding ways to soothe your teething baby is a life saver. I am sure it hurts so bad whenever their teeth are cutting through, and they can't communicate with you how painful it can be. So all they do is cry and scream, and are uncomfortable. Therefore, I am listing 3 short and simple ways to soothe your teething baby.

We have gone through countless of different sippy cups. Some would spill/make a mess if Luca turned them a certain way. Or he just did not like them at all. I mean he will tell you when he doesn’t like something or want something... he simply pushes it away. Well y’all, he did not do this with the Nuby 360 Grip n’ Sip cups! *Disclaimer thank you Nuby for sponsoring today’s post, but just FYI all words and opinions are my own.

9/10 Month Update

March 05, 2019

I know.. I know... Luca is now 10 months old, and this picture above says 9 months. Well life has been crazy busy, and I am now just getting around to doing an update. Only one more update after this one, which is his one year update! How in the world is he already almost ONE? I can't believe it. He is just growing way too fast. 

Update time: Luca weighs 19 lbs and is 28 inches long. He was 18 lbs at his 9 month check up, but now being a month later has gained another pound. He is starting to catch up in height, and is no longer in the 10% for height or weight for that matter. Wahoo! I believe he is in the 25% for both. He's perfect in every way.. not too chunky.. not too little.. Just perfect! His thighs are still chunky though hehe! Luca is now in size 4 diapers, and we are currently loving Parasol diapers. For clothing sizes, he is wearing size 12 months, 6-12 months, and 9-12 months. Now, some zip up pjs are super snug on him though, so we mainly stick to him wearing a shift and pant pj set. He prefers them anyway, since he hates getting dressed or changed. 

Luca is now crawling and pulling himself up to stand.. Like what? So crazy. He crawls all over the place and rarely sits still. He has five teeth now. and loves to eat. He didn't officially start until about two weeks ago. So it took him a little longer than I thought to start crawling, but once he figured it out... he doesn't stop haha! 

We actually had some difficulty with him going to sleep after he started crawling because he just wanted to stay playing. Now he is sleeping back to normal, and just a few times fighting sleep. But that is better than every night like it was for a week. 

Luca is still adventurous as ever, well he doesn't really have a choice. He goes where mama goes. In the past couple of months he has traveled to West Virginia, Charleston SC, and enrolled in music class for a couple months. 

While in Charleston, Luca decided to dig his teeth into mama causing sores too the point where I just couldn't handle breastfeeding anymore. I was starting to not look forward to every feeding. So I made the decision to exclusively pump, and then after a month of EP switching to formula. Thankfully the transition went relatively smoothly. Let me know if y'all want me to do a blog post about transitioning from breastfeeding to formula. I made it 9 months exclusively breastfeeding, even though my goal was a year, I am happy I made it to 9 months. Mama is happy now, baby is healthy and happy, and that's all that matters right? If curious, we give Luca Happy Baby Formula stage 2. 

He's seriously getting so big. He is now holding his bottle by himself, crawling, and pulling up on things to stand up. Not only that he is also knows how to pull himself onto his kid couch in his play room. Too big Too big! He also started to wave also. 

We also just enrolled him in baby gymnastics, and will start this week. I am so excited to see him learn, and play with everyone. I think he will love it since he is so active now. 

Luca Loves 

1. Eating. He loves eating table food. Prefers that over baby food any day. His favorite food right now is chicken, broccoli, mash potatoes, pancakes, eggs, and ground turkey. 

2. Being pushed in his stroller. 

3. Playing in the bath

4. Smiling. We love when he does his "cute boy smile"

5. Saying mama. (his first word)

6. Still loving his doggies. Especially Diesel. He gets so happy and excited when he sees them

7. Love his bouncer still, and is starting to really love his walker. 

Luca's daddy/my husband also came home from deployment a couple days after he turned 9 months old! He was so happy to see him. 

Here are so more cute pictures of my sweet boy! That''s all for now for an update.